Saturday, December 9, 2006

holy moly...

when u're both retarded, when it's almost dawn, when u do sumthing ultra ends up being printscreened and posted on the blog.

*curtesy of the chin's blog

showing off our bedmates. ah pug and ah bub. ah bub supports my head and is almost lke a winter cap. ah pug humps. cos he has short limbs. and he looks lke a cow. WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH

wanna c clearer to prove it's not real zit. click la. WAHAHAHAHAHAH


on a healthier note. i successfully made GOOLOO CHICKEN a few days back and was so proud it's taken during dinner.

omg...for catering services, pls dial 012-leongpeixzan. oni gooloo chicken and pork avaiable. :D

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