Thursday, December 7, 2006

when the holidays sorta start...

weird recipes reappear.

before that there was lemon mint potato...then there was abc egg soup. and yesterday, there was the most outraging recipe tat mankind can ever produce.

AppleStarfuit Soup. and it's saltish. it's real soup. drinkable and not 'purgative'! wahahaha

response? 4 out of 5 persons including myself said it was not bad. 1...was jst disgusted by the appeal of it and before the soup touched his lips, he squeeked and ran away. i guess my dog would like it too. :D


christmas is jst around the corner. decos are all EVERYWHERE, the mood is sipping in and...and...i won't b in kl to celebrate. which means i'll be absent for the most important concert tat i'll b waiting for. bt then it's ok. i have cash in hand and singapore surely is inviting. HAH!

malaysia should have decos lke that.

FLYING XMAS TREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jst hope it won't fall like durians.

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