Saturday, December 16, 2006

tree'ing' with the mama...

woke up in...the early portion of the afternoon...nt voluntarily.

i thought it was late in the evening as the 'wake-up call' voice was...quite stern.

shot up like a mushroom and opened the door trying to sound cheerful...then i saw the mommy dragging the 'object' that makes a once-in-a-year appearance.

i went...'YAYYYY' the continued sleeping for another 1/2hour so that i wouldn't have to set the tree up. so mch of a filial daughter. when i finished washing up and went to the living room, LO AND BEHOLD!!! 1/2 the tree was done.

so i went, hung a few glittery balls here and there, got distracted by the other ornaments which i used to love when i was younger bt definitely too obsolete to b used now, walked a little further to change the tv channel after every piece was fondled, grabbed a piece of corn from the kitchen and watched tv. :D

then all of a sudden while watching the making of eragon, the incredibly fast mommy announced that it was done. then i added sum red and golden frills here and there which were later removed (:Þ) and the lights were put on.

done!! christmas is here...! and it bcame the perfect spot for the dog to sleep in.

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