Sunday, December 17, 2006

the tale of a boy...

woke up early in the afternoon at 12 today and set out with the parents for a serious pre xmas shopping! WAHAHAHAHAHA. heartily drowned myself under piles and piles of clothes, shades (again), christmas presents for the family and a present for myself--->Body Shop- Golden Apple...happiness!

reached for the curve, first stop. cos midvalley was like a massive carpark all lining crazily, hoping they would get a place to park inside (bangun's mv). anyway, the curve was oni slightly better. got a spot after...say...15mins and was swept away by the blue backdrop and decos. then nichii...went in, tried, bought and left. :D

then went into metro hoping that the finance minister aka mommy would get me the black/gold superman tee i was dreaming of. but ended up being condemned that i aint a kid anymore and if i wanted tat, i would have to wear my underwear outside. *BAWWWWLLLSS!!!*...i made up my mind to come back sumtime nxt week to get it myself. HMPH!!!

then as we were going down the escalator discussing how adorable the baby before us was, a petite, good looking boy jst a few steps before us tripped and fell with a loud thud. when we turned out heads and stepped down from the moving stairs, we witnessed the heart wrenching tale of a boy that stumbled painfully and had to get up on his own, not oni suffering from pain bt also the wicked and brutal look on the father's face. it's as if the father got to knw the son had robbed the bank and had not given him a penny to buy maggi mee. fuck. his tiny limbs were slightly flushed and tears were pricking thru bt he held back, trying his best not to move a single muscle worried that the father mite give him 1 hard blow, sending him back home right into the toilet bowl. diu. come on la. ur son falls, pick him up and make sure he did not hurt himself. even if he was one nasty kid, he definitely did not deserve that aweful stare. if the son grows up to be a successful man but sends the old man to a nursing home, dun blame him. if i were a man and i am 8th done in karate, i'd have given him a blow, lifting him off his feet and hanging him on the christmas tree to be stared 24/7. bt i think too many eyes were watching so he held the boy's hand and walked off slowly. blady hell. right now until this minute when the scene flashes across my mind, i feel bitter for him. i learnt about karma during moral. hmph!! (at least i learnt sumthing). hee!

anyway, to make ourselves happier, we went on to mv in the evening when the traffic has cleared slightly. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...i wished myself a cheerful happy christmas and skipped my way thru the crowd. went into metrojaya...again. cos the great mommy wanted to get the necklace she saw a week b4...tat matched one of her gowns...which would b worn...sum time in the future.

the price was...*sweat*

then went on to bodyshop lke usual and forced the minister again to get me the special xmas edition bodyshop golden apple set...failed. so i bought it myself again. reason? cos they've already got me my xmas present. hmph!!! dinner at chopstick noodle house. fantastico!! everyone go try. gon lou shui gaao meen. sedap giler babi can eat everyday.

came back, kaki sakit cos i wore heels. great.

stewpeed blogger. can't post pix.


lynn is now in hk. tze wurn is going to hk. *sobs*. mst njoy k? dun waste the chance. *wipes away mucus*

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