Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Harry PotPot

i come across the trailer, stills, articles, screencaps...*shakeshead*

the azkaban vcd is gonna rerun until it shatters and the whole player exploding.

everytime the movie starts its promotion, the set of ORIGINAL vcds will reapppear. and everytime daniel radcliffe appears to be uglier. sighs. why can't he jst look like rupert grint. WAHAHAHAHAHA

the duelling club. everyone seemed to have stopped growing. besides matthew lewis aka neville panjangass. ON A CLOSER LOOK....

That chopped off short hair is so not right. Ron looks as thou he's back to 3rd year and hermione still looks as matured as ever. :D...

the past few have been really good. even Goblet of Fire which many said wasn't so good. but the best is still Prisoner of Azkaban!! Daniel Radcliffe pls stop breathing in so hard and Emma Watson should stop frowning and crying. and i dun see Tom Felton aka Draco Melfoy in the List of Cast which is REALLY REALLY REALLY SADDENING IF HE DOESN'T APPEAR.

bt anyway, THIS IS GONNA BE SO INTERESTING!!!!!!! definitely one of the most anticipated brit movies besides Pirates of the Carribean...ooohhh...so happy la. WAHAHAHAHA

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