Tuesday, May 29, 2007

of shanghai, classes and mango joloking

shanghai trip was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOODDDD minus the spitting, the doorless WCs and also barbaric citizens.

i'm still trying to get myself to edit the pix and videos so...i shall update them soon. and it needs thorough explanation to remind myself the places i've been to cos most prob by nxt week, i'll forget everything. everywhere sounds the same.

classes started. *sulks*...
all indian lecturers bragging about wat american masters and degrees they graduated from. 1 of them is pregnant and will b leaving us right before our finals which means replacement classes tat'll fall on saturdays. diu.

kenot write too mch. cc they read blogs and accidentally bump into mine. I NEED MY HONOURS!!! *kneels down and prays*

went to sam gu mah's place to hand her the souvenirs...and for lunch. weeeeeeeeee! i picked mangoes!! i've been eating her mangoes even before i was born bt it oni occured to me today that i could pick them my own. so i took the jolok and started joloking. took me freaking 15 mins to get 1 blady small green mango. and at first, instead of getting fruits...i got these:

I'll be back man. but i can foresee that all the ripe fruits will be left on the tree for the bats and all i get are green, sour and unripe tiny mangoes. *rollseyes*

Thursday, May 17, 2007

the clock starts to tick

i have a lot of countdowns to do...!!! which is really exciting the shit out of me...
first of all the pig's coming back in like lesser than a week (and congrats babeh for scoring a flat! darn fucking proud of that...thou ur msg woke me up from my sweet rainy afternoon nap)...then the monkey's oso got a confirmed date and tat'll b on the 21st. i remember yo! then there's si mou jai...WHOO HOOOOO!!!!!! i can see all the K sessions and non stop yakking coming by...and the nearest is of course...shanghai, tat's less than 24 hours away. *px looks blankly in the air*

i hate flying. i jst hope the pill will knock me out for a couple of hours like when it did in HK...to doze off b4 it starts flying and to wear off after it touches down. please...jst for 6 hours...HOLY MOLY! 6 HOURS IS TERRIBUS!!! *cries* i have not started packing, my room is in a terrible mess (its always in a mess la...but when i think it's a mess, it's bad), i can't buy the bodyshampoo i used while in HK *cries even louder*, i wnt have bubble with me, no crunchyroll with me, no prince with me and worst...no stanley with me. sigh

i realize i've been very into S'ses' lately. first there's the prince, then there's Shawn, then comes mr.Stanley...and then Shanghai...oh...and Sushi that i ate 3 times for lunch and dinner jst last week. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...off to pack. cu all...nxt week.

chinwoonfuilinda@monkey...my wallpaper!!

DROOL OR NOT?!?!?! DROOL HOR!!! damn 18sx rite...damn suka. WAHAHAHAHA

Sunday, May 13, 2007

It's MaMa's Day!!

A year back...I was in Xi'An
Two Years back...I was in HONG KONG. :

Went to Ms Read again with lynnie to have an afternoon tea. blady bitchy rich tai tai life eh?! i agree. that's wat happens when money is slightly available, boyfriend's attached to their own bisnes and the gals are jobless. :D

Then, headed to MV to meet up with Nat for a manicure session...for the photoshoot. holy moly. we have reasons not to do washing, cleanup after max and hangup clothings. WEEEE!!!

Nat's wedding photoshoot at SuperStar, Jln Ipoh. pix are...hmm...i'll upload sum edited ones. keep the rest for later. ;)

I STRUCK IT BIG!!! THANX TO THE BIG S PRINCE!! WHOO HOOOOO!!!! MWAH MWAH MWAH!!! first time in 20 years. *px hops in circles*

Playing with photoshop with nat editing her pix.


isn't she a beauty? YES SHE IS!! LOVE U MI!! *MWAHHHHHHHH*!!!

Monday, May 7, 2007

of spider-man and charms

i'm so proud to mention that i won the special screening tix for spiderman. the last was pirates of the carribean and they're both huge movies. YAY!!! but then this time, i did not doze off in the cinema cos i did not drive all the way to 1U b4 the sunrise(at least to me it was too damn early) and the company was better :D. (linda herself fell asleep i think when i brought her last year)...
kesimpulannye, tobey maguire sucked big time. his crying skills...makes the scene a joke. we were laffing like mad the seats were vibrating but i heard mi sniffing bside me. pfft. but i can confirm 1 thing. topher grace would make a very mch better spidey if he wasn't ditched at the first place, giving the role to tobey maguire. why?? THIS IS WHY!

checkout the mouth and nose. :\

thanx to nat for mentioning, he looks blady lke mr.bean. i remembered him looking quite boyish and cute(of course u'd look good when u resemble topher grace) but then in a short period, he turned from a seabiscuit into mr.bean! crap. but overall, thou draggy, it was worth a watch. not as good as the critics said, but not to dissapoint.

went around the mall later lke a zombie but that doesnt stop me from getting my sushis so we went for it and the parents went for 'expire chicken'. then met back and went to somerset bay for mommy's scarf. and then, i saw this charm bracelet and asked if she was interested, i'd get for her as a mother's day gift. she was!!! so she tried, it was too big. YAY! so i took, and SHE paid for it. *px jumps around*

so eve's party is no longer in the list for the week cos i have no transport because if i drove, i'd be jailed for drunk driving in the end. those that can drive are not invited and those that are invited, have cars but chose not to go. great. i'll get my manicure done for saturday. hmph!

Friday, May 4, 2007

Curse of the Chocolate Brownie

as wisky and i have been craving for a ms.read session for the past few months (but couldn't due to a certain unavoidable reasons like internship, weight lost regime *failed of course*, layaning of the bfs that isn't always around, getting more sleep and etc...we finally couldn't endure our desires for the chocolate brownie and so off we went to bangsar for it.
but then we mistakenly, blurly and regrettably tot it wasn't yet opened at bangsar village and famished minds do not think straight. we went to sakae sushi without further asking about it. how intelligent!!

so after a few hours of overpowering ourselves with sushi and tauhu, we walked around snapping pix and acting as if we were rich tai tais going into designer boutiques. siao price man. left immediately. then!! HORROR!!! DELICIOUS WAS OPENED!! RIGHT BELOW SAKAE!! so we decided we will have our brownie anyway and we went to the curve after all the jalaning and shopping all over.

called lynnie and she left her karaoke session with her dancing-queen mom and friends to join us. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

great photography skills yo!

searched for nat's photoshoot heels. but then too strappy. too tight. too slutty. so decided that i shall come back nxt week for another look. :D

then hopped over to U-Optics for cons. i got groovie green. but nt everyone realized i have x-men eyeballs.

the eyes of...the banana...*nina o bruinen, dan in ulaier*

the more u can't have them, the more u crave. i wan ice-cream cake and strawberry-banana smoothie. fuck