Tuesday, May 29, 2007

of shanghai, classes and mango joloking

shanghai trip was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOODDDD minus the spitting, the doorless WCs and also barbaric citizens.

i'm still trying to get myself to edit the pix and videos so...i shall update them soon. and it needs thorough explanation to remind myself the places i've been to cos most prob by nxt week, i'll forget everything. everywhere sounds the same.

classes started. *sulks*...
all indian lecturers bragging about wat american masters and degrees they graduated from. 1 of them is pregnant and will b leaving us right before our finals which means replacement classes tat'll fall on saturdays. diu.

kenot write too mch. cc they read blogs and accidentally bump into mine. I NEED MY HONOURS!!! *kneels down and prays*

went to sam gu mah's place to hand her the souvenirs...and for lunch. weeeeeeeeee! i picked mangoes!! i've been eating her mangoes even before i was born bt it oni occured to me today that i could pick them my own. so i took the jolok and started joloking. took me freaking 15 mins to get 1 blady small green mango. and at first, instead of getting fruits...i got these:

I'll be back man. but i can foresee that all the ripe fruits will be left on the tree for the bats and all i get are green, sour and unripe tiny mangoes. *rollseyes*

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