Saturday, June 2, 2007

Flopped Cake, Shanghai (finally) & MOMMY's bday

finally i got myself to edit the pix...cincaily but at least it's edited.
bt before that, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOMMY!!! missy gorgeous went up to genting with daddy for Sally Yeh concert and enjoyed a whole lot while i secretly baked a cake that flopped and am down with soarthroat thanx to the curtesy of daddy that spread it to me. hmph...but anyway,
will tok about the cake was...full of blood and sweat. pfft.

the flight departed at 2.15am sharp and arrived approximately 7.45am. it was kinda chilly and the airport was nothing to shoutabout probably because i was too sleepy to notice anything but then the city was niceeeee...

Shanghai has been divided into the old and new. the new consists of more skycrappers where the where the shanghai bund is located. but old and new, everyone spits. *px rollseyes*

1st stop, Nanjing Road. we were given 2 hours to hang around and to shop for cheap books and cds so we opted for a nice breakfast at one of the smaller streets where they sold blady cheap ramen. mine was rm2 for a huge bowl. and it tasted fine. but we werent given any spoons thou so daddy had to pick his bowl up to sip his soup. and we still wonder if the soup is to be drunk. :D
Meglev train. forgot wat the full name is but it's currently the fastest. magnectic and it can go up to 430km/h. mine was oni 301km/h. UNFAIR!! at least lynnie's went up to 400! takes 7 mins to round the city instead of 1/2 an hour by bus. weeee...

i was laffing my ass off in the middle of the busy streets when i saw this. it's like the 7-11s of HK. they're all over china and they're not that cheap. and it's pirated yo.

i really din mean to take this but the bus stopped right bside it and if not for the window, i could've reach and grab it as a souvenir. it appeared to me that there were pockets on them. and they seem to b fine about hanging their undergarments all over the roads...XD

went shopping after that...can't remember where thou but as we entered the buildings we were flocked by people tat were selling watches, handbags and etc. looked a bit like but...scarier. so we minded our own bisnes, held on tight to our bags, quicken our steps and left the building. dinner time!!

the place was oriental and nice. a bunch of...waiters welcomed us by banging on sum pompang like instruments and everyone in the restaurant stared like the prime minister was here. :D. the food was not-too-good and the performance reminded me of mystical steppes. eeek.

IT WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we went a few hundred floors up where my ears were blocked and i could barely hear wat the lady in the lift was saying. but it doesn't matter...cos i wont understand. but then the niteview was breathtaking wei!! not as good as hk thou (*winks*) but it could send everyone going...'wahhhh'. bot sum souvenirs cos daddy said they were honest. heh! took about 1/2 hour to get down from that building. packed!

done. went back to the hotel, crash damn cepatly and woke up the next morning at 6am. *stone*.

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