Friday, June 29, 2007

Sadistic Week

i haven't been wishing for the weekends to come so mch for such a long time.
campaign proposal meetings, presentations, midterms and a fucking flu all in 1 is no blady joke wei. to top that off, my nose was practically running on marathon and i presented cultural having slight fever. and no...i wasn't at all pathetically excused for anything...eventhou i couldn't care less. *rollseyes* ...but the presentation went so well we couldn't really believe wat the lecturer told us. slightly layan maybe in a sense but...mch better than expected. *claps*

and to add salt to the wound, thepig actually got on9 in IFC Mall telling me how mch fun they're having in HK. and right after i received msges fr the boons describing the beautiful weather and crystal clear water in laguna beach, redang. *looks blankly into the air*

but it doesnt matter anymore. because...


yay!!!!!!! i was telling daddy how excited i am this time even if it was jst melaka...he said i am 1/2 a jakun eversince school started...but who cares...i'm so gonna indulge myself even if i were to put on 5kgs or taking assam laksa which will probably make my flu worse. I DUN CARE!!! WEEEEEEE!!!

i was proven to be sadistic this morning when stacy landed her strong fingers on my lebam. i think she aggravated the bruise. and scarily, i njoyed the pain. lalalalalala...

i am terribly hungry due to the sneezing that's been going on for quite sum time especially when there's a room temperature change. therefore, my leg looks so mch like a roasted peha lembu. *sweat*


the member sales (topshop, miss selfridge & dorothy perkins) ended. and i disciplinedly tahaned cos i was way over quota last month after buying the season pass for the World Championship jst to teman sumone to go watch. hmph. ok la...i wanted to go oso. and i confess i'm going for many reasons other than jst sitting down there njoying the game. :D...

flu med's taking in. and the nose is finally dry. YAY!!!

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