Monday, June 25, 2007

so kenot...

partying 2 nites in a row now is already too terrible.
so terrible i'm down with slight flu. *px wails*
the monkey and the leaving for hk tmr at 630 freaking am.
and i'm left bhind...doing blady fucked up assignments instead. WAHHHHHHH!! NOT FAIR!! I WAN HK! I WAN HK!!!

i like me in that pic. it's as thou i'm being blown by sum bigbig fan on a runway. lynnie said everyone bsides me looks very gwaai (not weird but goodie-gals)...pfft

will tok about it more later la...presentation tmr yo...good luck leong pei xzan...(77)

emceeing in canto is not a big deal after went well. thou we had to scream without the presence of the mic.
poppy was okay too but 2 drops of bacardi per person is pathetic. hahahahaha

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