Friday, June 15, 2007

so cannot...

3rd year sux cos assignments are coming in weekly and i am mixing all the subjects up.

i barely have time to go makan in between intervals during classes cos they'll b packed with meetings and researches and discussions and ETC. but that's not the worst. i still have assignments that i do not knw when my turn is coming and i'd b given approximately 5 days to prepare a 1o page + - assignment on theories that i wouldnt mind not learning at all.

we're flooded by journals that we do not understand. i can quite confirm it's not that my engrish. there are 201 students in my lecture and i am sure NONE of us understood the blady journal. i think the longest sentence had about 50+ words. crap. toking about being short and precise. ptah!!

but then no matter how bz, we still had time to party in neway after a whole week of running around. and i had a very good piece of lamb and chicken that oni cost me rm10. WEEEEEEEEEEEE...with coke summore!!!

i love the mirror. i look thinner than angang.

the pig is back, the boons are back and the smallboon has a slight accent already, the monkey is celebrating her bday now with her frens at hardrock aussie so that she can come back on the 21st to celebrate with us malaysians and si mou jai is coming back in 2 DAYS TIME. *px hops around shaking her ass*

so which means...22nd June to Modestos, 23rd to emcee Ivy's bash and 24th...hangover. and yes i am emceeing the bash at a jap restaurant with lynnie with a total of 100+ guests. fuck. should i wear a tux? i need a new top for the monkey's big nite. *jst an excuse to shop*...HAVE A GREAT NICE BABEH!!!!!
on a terribly sad note...

can play better or not? :(

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