Saturday, June 9, 2007


SuZhou it seems is famous for it's pretty ladies but daddy said they've all left for bigger provinces and therefore those leftbehind are...not so be nice. *grins*

the West Lake. it's a freaking huge lake tat takes 5 hours jst to go across by SPEEDBOAT mind u and a solid 24 hours to go round it. weeeeeeeee...all their resources basically are from the lake. even water which explains why they taste slightly weird and also why the ppl have friggin good skin. should've tapaoed sum back thou.

i really can't remember the name of this place cos i wasn't really listening in the bus but this place leads to a cave, there are rocks and lilies and pomegranades everywhere and smells like rosewood.

the same place but we did not make it to the pagoda at the top that overlooks the entire lake cos all u c is water.

the cave. i din knw i could be seen even with my lousy camera which explains the bei pose. but there were dragon like natural carvings and stones in the cave and puddles of water everywhere with a temperature low of...20 degrees??!?! but i think none of us in the tourgroup could identify any of the rocks. they normal rocks. teehee!

the lunch was goooooooood. very fresh veges. and this one is grass. we asked for the name and all the waitresses told us there wasn't one. because it's from the roadside. *rollseyes*. we were safe throughout the 8 days.
the entrance to the leaning pagoda. the due to the current year of the pig. it was blady realistic.
i am straight. the pagoda is senget ok. no nails used. it's leaning after a couple hundred years and the weight that's compressing onto the lowest level. therefore no visitors are allowed up.

Clockwise from top left: Mirror used by ancient ppl. oni ancient ppl knw how it's used/ 5 fook lam moon- 5 bats surrounding the word FUK. carved at the frontporch of a richman's house that Emperor Yung Zheng used to visit/ the tomb of...sum1/ THE ROCK GARDEN. I ACTUALLY REMEMBER THE NAME!!! the natural rocks there all resemble lions. it really does. and there was this rock with 27 exits bside the lake. took my tourguide 40 mins to get out if it. i was more intelligent...i jst stood sumwhere near and snapped a pic. dun wanna get lost in china.
the big big rock bhind daddy and mommy...tats the maze. *stone*

Night Market. long winding street with loads of brands. the mini van at the back is to fetch anyone who's tired of walking from end to end. 2 yuan per ride. bt the MCD driver i chose asked us for oni 1 yuan no idea why. :D

the best hotel of all. with SILK SHEETS. and the best of all, there was this big S lookalike tourguide from HK that i saw the nxt morning. oohhh llaaallaaa...

watever it meant, confirm not TURE lor!!!


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