Thursday, June 21, 2007

i am indeed...talented

in a sense.

confirm i have not planned anything that's turned out ok b4. be it birthdays or surprises or dinners or lunches of badminton matches or swimming classes or movies...dun plan nothing happens. plan d confirm kecot. for an example...eveline's bday. great! i wasn't there.

this time no choice. no1 else is free to do it. i made 100 calls, 100 smses, 100 msn msges...b4 i got total confirmation. i booked the restaurant by making many many calls cos it seems all the branches have gulunged tikar bsides the grand wan in kl. i had to double confirm with each and everyone to c if they were coming cos it seems they had classes and by the time they came back it'll b the following day. i had my own meetings to handle...i had presentations to handle...i think of surprises. *px dozes off*

i so dun like to blow balloons. and jst bcause it's the monkey i forced the pig to do sumthing more colorful in order for the room to be more than usual. wanted banners ok but then confirm out of budget d. so we bot the pump, we gt the balloons, we went all the way from kajang's secret recipe till the Suki bakery in tmn jasmin to look for strawberries bt they were out of it so we ended up buying sum other choc cake. so the pig and me sneaked into her room with oni the knowledge of her parents and started 'pumping the balls'. LO AND BEHOLD!! cos i planned...the ball couldn't b inflated. 2 university students din knw how to use the pump, confirm the pump gt masalah ok. so the pig started using her own breathe...i started searching for bicycle pumps, fans, water...kenot la of course. so i successfully inflated like...6-7 balls and the rest were all the pig's air! and because by the end we were so frustrated we conteng'ed' the sweet la we all!! we were rewarded too!! right after we blew them!!---> thick red painful allergic sworn lips...and today sum ulcers. *px falls of chair)

there're still meetings tmr of course and my plan to come back early at 11 skipping vincent's class has been called off. *px prays for time to makeup*...i haven't done for like...3 weeks since i started the neetha mask thing wei. hmmm...and then there's ivy leongie's japanese bash on sat...i still do not knw the agenda. god bless my cantonese pls. (emceeing in cantonese is different ok. badly done will sound like those daai kum jehs at weddings...puik)

and then after the saturday there's a meeting on sunday so which means dimsum'ing' with the family will b cancelled...and altered to dimsum'ing' with lynnie...yay!!! at least i can have dimsum. then there's a presentation on tue...

holy moly...

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