Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'M FREE FROM KTAR!!! hols are really starting

WHOO HOO!!! finally...i checked out from my hostel room. damn, the amount of rubbish i threw was horrendous! missed the place a little. especially the mini mart. hehe

saw a music video on MTV a moment ago. a group of guys with a bunch of kids...HIV+ kids...and they were having loads of fun, singing, dancing, running was really touching. some of them even cried as they came out from the hospital after visiting the dying patients...AWWW!!!!! it was so so so so touching and whoever knows what song i'm toking about pls help me!! it ended with 'i've got a friend' or sumthing. aahhh!! oh... rob thomas on now. that butt shaking geek! haha...tammy's fav!

the hols are really getting on really quick. went shopping with el and yinng the other last i tried on the green shirt from TOPSHOP. too bad. it was S. kinda glad i could still button it all up and the girls said that i looked quite hippy but i'm not gonna humiliate myself! i still like the shirt anyhow. ;Þ...walked around isetan at LOT10 and saw nicholas teo in vinci. not very tall, not very charming, couldn't really see his whole face cos i was afraid he would think everyone's looking at him- exactly like the rest of the ppl in the shop...URGH!! wearing a cap and had a few frens surrounding him. could hear the salesgirls whispering to one another. tsk tsk *know what i mean by i didn't want to be part of them?* hehe...not too proud that i could recognize him too!! haha...ok. he's not too bad. period. the 'not-very-glad-that-nicteo-was-wearing-a-cap' salesman from romp gave him a quick glance and said...'yerr...wear cap wan...lan ba bai!'...funny guy!

continued walking, went downstairs, played with the sunglasses and snowcaps(watever you call those) like how we did to the wigs in jusco *winks* and found one black knitted one. very nice. rm30 but i told my mom rm20 so i onli have to cover rm10 instead of paying all! she doesn't understand why i wanted it but neither do i. just wanna buy. it's really nice. hehe! then went back to and came to a shop selling original cds for rm5-rm15. bought immediately!! check it out if u want to. Hong Kong Video- Ground Floor.

glad that i've got my swimming habit back. woke up early yesterday for a relaxing swim with el and came back with a runny nose. almost blew my nose away. thank god it's fine now. hope it doesn't rain so often in the aft *cross my fingers*.

Friday, April 22, 2005

pacifying moment...

the ipoh trip was quite good. wasn't able to visit many places cos our tour guide wasn't sure of her turf herself and it seems the only thing to do in ipoh is to...EAT, which we did, for the whole 3 days!
we had very good 'gai si hor fun', 'ipoh nga choi gai', assam laksa ipoh style(it's different cos they have the assam laksa soup and ingredients like fishball and etc WITHOUT the noodles...yyyuummy!). and the most embarrasing of all, i had 'lo-ya'. wasn't my fault that i didn't understand her. i wasn't born to understand pasar bm! hehe...anyway, 'lo-ya' is actually 'rojak'...but then you know...they couldn't pronounce it properly and i had to search for my dictionary. damn!
and then we visited 'sam poh tong'- gua sam poh tong. the TONG means gua in cantonese but no idea why they add the word gua in front. NVM. it wasn't as big as gua tempurung which i went a few years back but there were lotsa buddha statues in there and the best was the tortoises. there were at least MILLIONS of them there and they were huge. their heads were as big as my foot! and i'm serious! we bought kangkung-rm2- and fed them until all of a sudden a bird started to make noise from sumwhere hidden and the slow moving creatures stopped and started looking at the same direction. we had no idea what they were all doing but it definitely freaked me out. we left!
oh! and there was red wine time! we had stg pink(supposed to be red wine but it was almost tasteless) called zimfendel. and started to crap...*winks to all who went for the night out*...hehe!!(liang lui...chiang sam etc)
came back, almost fell sick. most of us fell sick. bsides the strong simon. ~sigh~
went house hunting today. traveled the whole pj cos we got lost. went to ss5 instead of getting to 1U...thanx to wisky! had swenson's...sucked so much and the waiter was so irritating i could have just sacked him and banned him from gettng into my restaurant if i were the boss! urgh! headed to jasmine. thanx to sue lynn the big big dearie who led us there, 1/2 awake! wasn't too bad!big pool, cameras, gym...and the house was fine to me. bsides the dust and broken tables and chairs...big, spacious...with air cond. i'm really starting to worry bout the bill...:8(
then went to klcc. of course we took many wrong turnings...paid 4 tols instead of 1 and took almost forever to reach. damn. but then, VIN DIESEL saved my day! WHOOHOO!!! *cheers to him!*
'The Pacifier' was so damn freaking awesome. can't believe that the bloody huge man with arms as big as my waist(it's really big) and a head smaller than the tortoises i saw in the caves could be so charming!!! he looked perfectly normal and well built to me at the end of the movie. it was fantastic. i repeat: FANTASTIC!!!
watch it for god's sake and ignore the comment in The Star. the commentry in there is never accurate. ;)

Friday, April 15, 2005

it's never easy

it's never easy to be an adult...
work, staying out. darn!
jessmine sounds like a biatch to me now. just praying hard that we can find a better home in pj now.

the fuss has caused my hair to FRIZ. hehe...nah! i permed my hair. and UNFORTUNATELY, no one said it's nice. how sad! i really tot it looked kinda cool. but then turned out to be vice versa. never ever gonna put my pathetic hair through all these fuss again. sat on the blady chair for 4 1/2 hours, and this is what i got.

wisky, if you're reading this, pls say it's nice!! thank you tammy...luv ya loads!

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before everything completed...this is onli 1/4 of the whole process. nearly fell off the chair while getting my hair wrapped in foils! darn...i should be placed in the microwave!

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the i look like a baboon?

Thursday, April 14, 2005


still lack of sleep...but the sunway trip was a blast!
we were kinda late...cos i woke up late.(teehee). reached there around 11.15. the weather was good and the crowd was super small! never needed to wait for any rides.

as usual, i didn't get on the skyflyer(which is already called the tomahawk now). the last 2 experiences i had was pretty bad. went twice on the rollercoaster(lost city of gold) thou and nearly lost my head. it was so fast my butt was lifted up and my neck almost disconnected. thank god...i'm still fine.

the weather was really good. glaring sun, white clouds, blue sky...but no tan. the heat burnt our feet as we had to go barefooted everywhere we went. but it was really fun.

pierced my ear after that. went to pyramid and did it with mei-ee. i am so proud of my ear now! haha...(anyone who's reading not tell my parents. they know nothing about it! hehe)
condo searching went really well this afternoon. went to istara, jessmine was nice. the apartment was gorgeous. almost 900sq ft. with furniture, kitchen cupboards etc. aircond in the masterroom and a really attractive swimming pool. PRAYING HARD TO GOD that the owner doesn't get to sell it. urgh!!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Be Cool...WASSUP!!!

blady psycho...
it's the shortest sem. it's the worst sem. let me start counting the pathetic number of ours that i'd slept the day b4 the exam til today...gawd. 2 hours on sunday, rite b4 the exam...a few hours then and a few hours last nite. let me continue...slept at 3 last nite. was packing for today's beautiful day out with my lovely frens. woke at 8...SHARP! spent a monotonous 45 min ride on the lrt and sue lynn and mei ee picked us up at the kelana jaya lrt station. was still excited then! thinking what to do and etc...reached there....freak.

The Worst Nightmare Actually Occured.

BLADY SUNWAY LAGOON IS CLOSED ON TUESDAY!!!!! really can't believe our freaking eyes. spent the rest of the day in pyramid. bought a pair of black pants from ying yang...LOVE IT!!

oh yeah! went for a movie last nite...BE COOL. it was not that good but really really hilarious. john travolta was extremely sexy, christina millan was bad, uma thurman was...her body was...waaass...indescribable. but she definitely needs to do sumthing with her eyes. really.
there were many cameo and many many other stars. 'The Rock aka Dwayne Johnson', vince vaughn was good in trying to be a black...OUTKAST WAS SUPERB!!! best parts of the movie came from aerosmith and christina millan. they did a duet..."sweet emotion". ABSOLUTELY STUNNING!

supposed to be studying last saturday but sat right in front of the attractive and temptating tv. watched 'Bruce Lee: The Dragon Story". used to like it a lot last time...the jeet kune do stunts were kinda slow...but tough. and jason scott lee is so sexy! haha...check out the site. he's good.
Jason Scott Lee

posted some pix...u'll know what i mean about my 'lovely' frens...haha...njoy!!

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Me and Wisky...dun ask me why i look like that...URGH!

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YOOKIE HWA, sue lynn da cantik and mei ee da classy!

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wisky, yookie, lynn

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eng kien...tammy koo aka andy roddick the fake...hehe

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ming yang and fren, boon lok

Thursday, April 7, 2005

EYE GLO- relieves sore, swollen & watery eyes...

i have a small swell in my left eye. not noticable unless i flip my lids over which is really's red(of course it's red!)...i's inflammed and there's a poking sensation everytime i blink my pathetic eyes. bought a bottle of eye-glo from watsons with tammy and yh. there were so many to choose from so we just simply picked. we were sure no one knew anything about the medical equipments there either cos a petite lady just stood a few metres away...looking. did nothing thou...

thanx a million to yh for the relieve. i had a feeling that it'll start burning once the drip touches my eyes but auspiciously, it didn't! just praying hard that it has nothing to do with my contact lenses cos i'd experienced the same old thing few years back...darn!

proud to say, i'm done with my tamadun. not sure if i can remember anything about the many freaking dinasties that china had(can only remember dinasti qin from 'a step to the past') but at least i've gone thru the whole thing. just hope it stays in my mind til fri..urgh

for those who would like to order a copy of 'Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince', u can do it now from MPH. just made an enquiry a while ago. pay rm99.90 for it, get a small piece of receipt from their vulnerable cash machine and WAIT for their call. and it seems there's this goodie bag that is given on a 'first-come-first-serve' basis...HAH! i left.

it'll be out on 11th july if i've not patient.

"Yeah, I've seen those things they [Muggles] think are gnomes... like fat little Santa Clauses with fishing rods..." -RONALD WEASLEY

**small quote from ron weasley...since it's been said that i look like him...NOW THAT'S an insult!**

!like my new layout? there's supposed to be a barbie on it...wonder where it went to?!
i guess i've taken over tammy and yh's place to be the next...BIMBO!! hehe

Tuesday, April 5, 2005

this is so darn difficult...

This isn't easy. Or maybe there's something wrong with the computer?
please tell me there's sumthing wrong with the idiotic box cos i feel so stupid to take almost an hour to register in...
just a try!! hope it works...