Thursday, April 28, 2005

I'M FREE FROM KTAR!!! hols are really starting

WHOO HOO!!! finally...i checked out from my hostel room. damn, the amount of rubbish i threw was horrendous! missed the place a little. especially the mini mart. hehe

saw a music video on MTV a moment ago. a group of guys with a bunch of kids...HIV+ kids...and they were having loads of fun, singing, dancing, running was really touching. some of them even cried as they came out from the hospital after visiting the dying patients...AWWW!!!!! it was so so so so touching and whoever knows what song i'm toking about pls help me!! it ended with 'i've got a friend' or sumthing. aahhh!! oh... rob thomas on now. that butt shaking geek! haha...tammy's fav!

the hols are really getting on really quick. went shopping with el and yinng the other last i tried on the green shirt from TOPSHOP. too bad. it was S. kinda glad i could still button it all up and the girls said that i looked quite hippy but i'm not gonna humiliate myself! i still like the shirt anyhow. ;Þ...walked around isetan at LOT10 and saw nicholas teo in vinci. not very tall, not very charming, couldn't really see his whole face cos i was afraid he would think everyone's looking at him- exactly like the rest of the ppl in the shop...URGH!! wearing a cap and had a few frens surrounding him. could hear the salesgirls whispering to one another. tsk tsk *know what i mean by i didn't want to be part of them?* hehe...not too proud that i could recognize him too!! haha...ok. he's not too bad. period. the 'not-very-glad-that-nicteo-was-wearing-a-cap' salesman from romp gave him a quick glance and said...'yerr...wear cap wan...lan ba bai!'...funny guy!

continued walking, went downstairs, played with the sunglasses and snowcaps(watever you call those) like how we did to the wigs in jusco *winks* and found one black knitted one. very nice. rm30 but i told my mom rm20 so i onli have to cover rm10 instead of paying all! she doesn't understand why i wanted it but neither do i. just wanna buy. it's really nice. hehe! then went back to and came to a shop selling original cds for rm5-rm15. bought immediately!! check it out if u want to. Hong Kong Video- Ground Floor.

glad that i've got my swimming habit back. woke up early yesterday for a relaxing swim with el and came back with a runny nose. almost blew my nose away. thank god it's fine now. hope it doesn't rain so often in the aft *cross my fingers*.

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