Friday, April 15, 2005

it's never easy

it's never easy to be an adult...
work, staying out. darn!
jessmine sounds like a biatch to me now. just praying hard that we can find a better home in pj now.

the fuss has caused my hair to FRIZ. hehe...nah! i permed my hair. and UNFORTUNATELY, no one said it's nice. how sad! i really tot it looked kinda cool. but then turned out to be vice versa. never ever gonna put my pathetic hair through all these fuss again. sat on the blady chair for 4 1/2 hours, and this is what i got.

wisky, if you're reading this, pls say it's nice!! thank you tammy...luv ya loads!

Image hosted by
before everything completed...this is onli 1/4 of the whole process. nearly fell off the chair while getting my hair wrapped in foils! darn...i should be placed in the microwave!

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the i look like a baboon?

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