Sunday, October 28, 2007


i made my own soup for dinner to lessen the emoness yesterday. sat in front of the comp, couldn't find anyone on msn to bitch to therefore i ended up watching dvd. and ironically, i felt so mch better. HAHAHA! i found my remedy. cook and watch dvd. so simple la.

i survived on a piece of bread, 3 biscuits and a huge cup of tea today. cos no1 was home to layan me. and i'm now waiting for dinner to be served over at nat's place...*starves*

i din wan the emo post to linger for so long. spoils the mood. the uncle and the cousin is doing fine. thank god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i is hungry. cu!

Friday, October 26, 2007

blonde moments, random rantings

mommy gave me a bundle of money the other day saying i shud do sumthing to my hair b4 the big big day cos it's in an unearthly shade of...brass.

i was so happy i set and appointment with the very-hawt-hairstylist immediately. drove there rite after class, loitered for a moment and refrained myself from buying a few tops jst in case i was short of cash, and finally started at 430pm. mr.hairstylist poked a few colors, i nodded cos i told him he could do watever as long as i could stay attractive. *burp*...actually he said my hair is practically dead so no matter wat i do it doesn't matter anymore. woot!

so after a agonizing 4.5 hour, i'm blonde...again.

P.S- and i jst realized the bundle of money that mommy gave me...was my monthly allowance for this month which means...i used my own money instead. *wails*

the picture turns out to be slightly weird so i resized it and have no mood to take another.

came home from U today and the first thing that i was informed was, the supposingly very close cousin of mine who i speak to approximately 3 times a year has been involved in an accident and suffers major head injuries which right until this moment is still unclear whether he's totally safe.

a few days back, i got a call from yinng saying a dad of a fren passed away so abruptly and it occured to me that he was daddy's long time fren too. he's been quite devastated considering they have known each other for almost 1/2 a decade now and was supposed to invite him for nat's wedding. i daren't imagine the torture his family has to endure. then daddy started mentioning how such a bad year this is as cases of fren's passing come knocking every now and then. it disturbs me because the daddy i've known has always been the optimistic one that brings me out of
the dark times and it was up to me to console him. mommy obviously is not good in toking.

mainly because an uncle of mine has recently been tormented by a string of heart complications, in and out of hospital countless times and...ironically, no1 knws exactly how he should b treated. i do agree that the fondness i have towards this relative of mine has descended so much eversince i am aware of his...behaviours...that totally disgusts me. daddy said he's done a whole lot for my grandmother and family back then and gives me small lectures everytime i mention sumthing negative regarding him. i never witnessed his doings and i honestly admit that i am not able to judge him from another view. even if it's that, i totally from the bottom of my heart do not wish for anything bad to happen to him and god bless that he'll b able to recover and join us in a couple week's time. cos we're a family.

i am glad to realize these past few days that i am at least independant enuff to stay
sanguine despite many problems that i've faced in the past few years. even if it's talking to ur closest. u knw urself best and i always feel that u are responsible for your own happiness. i knw i have to tok when i'm down and i knw who i have to look for to get myself cheered. life is too short to sulk everyday la. whoever's reading this and have been complaining about how unfair life is when u're totally healthy with proper daily meals and education, smack urself right on ur chubby cheeks and wake up! (i smacked mine d i think...)


i think i am sleepy. therefore...the long post.
i shall sleep.
utar almost spoilt our saturday until kenn won himself a handphone that totally lightened all our moods. FINALLY CAN TAKE PIX AND BLUETOOTH D!!!!

Friday, October 19, 2007

bowling again, brothers, i'd be least

because there's oni a class on friday, i definitely would not want to drive down purposely jst to attend the meaningless lecture and then drive home again. therefore, i successfully dragged a couple of poor beings who had to teman me bowl while i waited for the movie to begin...bsides datin who was really really waiting to pick the ball up again.

sumthing mst b wrong with the lane today. the scores were so screwed up. so i camwhored and snapped pix of kenn the monk. haih. so heart wrenching la. not leng chai d lor. *sulks*. teehee!

sum pictures couldn't be transfered cos i lost my cable...*wails*


anyway, Brothers sucked big time. credits can be given to the cast and the action scenes that indeed were quite interesting at times. there were a couple of tensed moments but it was sooooooo slow...i dozed off for at least 2 minutes sumwhere in btween. whoops.

this happened a while ago on msn while the occasional argument happens and the wedding topic came out due to 11/11. i was asked to save it. says:
when are u getting married?
=Pëî XžÀn= says:
as soon as i get sum1 with byk byk money says:
ok....wait for me after 10 yrs says:
i will be with alot of money
=Pëî XžÀn= says:
u say wan ar..no1 wan me u take me says:
save this conversation says:
if i am married that time says:
i will marry u as my 2nd wife

according to that idiot, 2nd wifes are prettier and sluttier. so i forgive him. woot!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

boredom, bowling, ss2 the blackarea and to hell with the icecream man

back to classes for a week now.
still as boring as ever.
first class started off being cancelled cos it seems the office did not knw that the tutor is still on raya leave. wth...then tutorials tat were supposed to be cancelled this week due to raya hols were suddenly conducted and given 2 hour notice therefore, gone was K session. but it was gone due to another reason...

sorry nee my bigface blocking u. the hoodie gals and a bf had another bowling session. datin was on her flight back from homie and was stranded at the airport therefore the leftovers went and LO AND BEHOLD!!! I SCORED A FANTASTIC 124...BOTH GAMES OK!!! it's already a hooha for me. i think nvr before i had such a score. the last time was...70? damn malufying.

REMINDER FOR PX ---> Ball 12. i have always been using 10 or 11 to avoid my nails from breaking. due to sum kiasuness to beat the oni male, i couldn't care less ytday and headed for 12. weeeee...the thumbnail tore and now i feel retarded. hopefully it grows nicely before 11/11 so that i can have a nice manicure. *shakes ass*...nxt week we bet k!!! 1 ZINGER BURGER!!! WOOT! cc i lose. pfft...

the shoes look good. bsides the blue and white wan.

a car theft happened near rothman roundabout today. angang and mj was there witnessing this blady camry crashing into a mercedez driven by a lady and then one of them trying to take over her wheels. the lady bravely struggled with the bastard attacking from 1 side and finally he gave up. while the commotion was going on, one of the car doors opened and dragged across mj's car scratching from back to front, kemeking it slightly. police reports were made. may the thief be arrested and sentenced to driving the rubbish truck for life.

the moral of the story is, if u get banged in the middle of the road, SPEED TO A NEARBY POLICE STATION. if u're in ss2, the TAMAN SEA POLICE STATION is 5 mins away, 10 if there's a queue at the traffic lites. NOT SS2 POLICE STATION OK. DO NOT GET OUT OF UR CAR. and...dun drive big cars.

on another note of mentally disabled people, yinng smsed me saying that some bonkers a few rows away from my house killed a dog by hanging it and leaving to bleed to death. spca oni arrived in the late evening...the dog was abused and murdered at 7++ am. by the time u ppl arrive ar, hangus d la the poor pup. one neighbour snapped a pic of the incident...but it seems he does not knw how to upload the pic and therefore is waiting for further assistance.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Rendezvouz, Chuck & Larry, Dining @ Federal and AARON KWOK

got my ass up at 930am to be a chauffeur for yinng cos she hasn't been to thecurve (kesian...LOL!!) and to bermakanings with eve. finally we did sumthing in broad daylighte.

so i got the cd that eve burnt that contains all the camwhoring pix since before history was written.

the corner seats were all built of swings which we could swing literally like wat u do at playgrounds. the atmosphere was quite nice thou but i was kinda having seasick at the end cos yinng kept swaying while i tried to stuff the food into my mouth. hmph.

my Garlic Fish that did not taste at all like garlic


nvr bothered trying cos i dun like black pepper

sweetness beyond words without much hoopla...but finished anyway. :D

we both have this more photogenic side of the face...therefore the weirdness.

cos the princess eve started hurrying us for an early dinner, we finished at 8 and was stuck, not knowing where to go. so we drove to subang, went loitering around aimlessly, talked crap and finally resorted to watching Chuck & Larry...pirated DVD. woot!

my hailat skills.
if JPJ were to set a new on-the-road rule, it'll be..Dun Snap & Drive

we grabbed loads of junks on the way back and it came up to rm50+.

i got 2 cans of beer and honeystars oni ok. the rest all not mine.

anyway, CHUCK AND LARRY IS SO FUCKING HILLARIOUS EVERYONE SHUD GET THEMSELVES A COPY OF THEIR OWN PIRATED DVDS AND WATCH EVERYNITE!!!!!!! yookie, if u're reading this, u'll love it. and i gip additional points cos there's adam sandler. WEEE!!!

the last time i spent a nite at eve's home was...standart 6. when boy was still...milking from a bottle. and now he's all grown up, althou still a little shy *coughs* when jessica biel undressed. AWWWWWWW!!!

LAINE---> i'm not putting up the pic of u and me without ur consent okie?! u look absolutely great thou. ;)

i got the best spot...with beer and honeystars within handreach. HEAVEN MAN!!!

Food Tasting @ Federal Hotel
like i said, there's still exactly a month left so the relatives and us all went for a food tasting session at Federal Hotel to have a taste of what the dinner will b like on that night itself. it was...ok.

they decorated the table nicely to distract our attention from the meal.

the table for immediate family members. i'll be tables away...cos i'm oni the sister. pfft!!! stupid chinese traditions.

mommy exiting. yes i do not have her genes stop reminding.


the whole family is going thru a revamp all over the house to welcome 11th november. my room is 1/2 done after almost...1/2 a month. the store (daddy's trashroom) is completely cleared. and he even found dresses mommy wore during her wedding, my baby-pram (fuck!) and this...NOT FOR SALE K.

i was never an aaron kwok fan but i remember we had all the 4 heavenly kings' albums. totally speechless. check out his center parting. so cool!

i remember a picture of my grandma striking this pose when she had her wedding photos taken in 1911. nostalgic. WAHAHAHAHA!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

and the clock starts ticking...for real

in exactly a month from now...

and the pressure on me mounts. woot!

i really wanted to write a mushy post but knowing my only sister...i'm afraid she'll start bawling in the living room while she secretly surfs into my blog everynite after work so i'll jst keep it sweet and simple...mayb until a week before. LOL!!!


i so wanna blog about last week. but then sum ppl have been delaying the pictures sending process.

is it oni me or is blogger presenting the pictures in commands for the templates instead of the file itself? damn mafan wei.

i'm stuck to sum china-produced series, songs and people...thank god not taiwanese. GET ME OUT!!!!!!!!! *drools*

hols are ending. i nvr went once to the gym. everyday revolves around eating honeystars, pingpung crackers less oil and wulung tea. so kenot wei!!!!
*px looks at calender counting the days to 11th November*...*shudders*

Monday, October 1, 2007


i was packing my room when i accidentally found the spice world movie on youtube. i felt like crying when i heard all the songs cos they brought back so mch memories of primary school, early secondary and also all those bitchy things that we used to do back then jst for the sake of being trendy. dancing to the songs at eve's house, impulse spice all over the class after PE, and that very very expensive magazine...cna't remember the name that costs 10.50 per copy.

feels sooo gooooood!!!!!

i come across so many ppl that's been getting pretty emo lately. AND TO MY DEAR EVE, IT'S TIME TO WAKEUP FROM UR FAIRYTALE!!! the rest, rant enuff k. dun expect anything. i'm emoing on my sepet too. hmph.

NAT'S STARTED WORKING. no more sister-lovey outings. double emo.

i've got my double bed now! anyone wants to sleep with me?!?!?! :D