Monday, October 1, 2007


i was packing my room when i accidentally found the spice world movie on youtube. i felt like crying when i heard all the songs cos they brought back so mch memories of primary school, early secondary and also all those bitchy things that we used to do back then jst for the sake of being trendy. dancing to the songs at eve's house, impulse spice all over the class after PE, and that very very expensive magazine...cna't remember the name that costs 10.50 per copy.

feels sooo gooooood!!!!!

i come across so many ppl that's been getting pretty emo lately. AND TO MY DEAR EVE, IT'S TIME TO WAKEUP FROM UR FAIRYTALE!!! the rest, rant enuff k. dun expect anything. i'm emoing on my sepet too. hmph.

NAT'S STARTED WORKING. no more sister-lovey outings. double emo.

i've got my double bed now! anyone wants to sleep with me?!?!?! :D

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