Friday, October 12, 2007

Rendezvouz, Chuck & Larry, Dining @ Federal and AARON KWOK

got my ass up at 930am to be a chauffeur for yinng cos she hasn't been to thecurve (kesian...LOL!!) and to bermakanings with eve. finally we did sumthing in broad daylighte.

so i got the cd that eve burnt that contains all the camwhoring pix since before history was written.

the corner seats were all built of swings which we could swing literally like wat u do at playgrounds. the atmosphere was quite nice thou but i was kinda having seasick at the end cos yinng kept swaying while i tried to stuff the food into my mouth. hmph.

my Garlic Fish that did not taste at all like garlic


nvr bothered trying cos i dun like black pepper

sweetness beyond words without much hoopla...but finished anyway. :D

we both have this more photogenic side of the face...therefore the weirdness.

cos the princess eve started hurrying us for an early dinner, we finished at 8 and was stuck, not knowing where to go. so we drove to subang, went loitering around aimlessly, talked crap and finally resorted to watching Chuck & Larry...pirated DVD. woot!

my hailat skills.
if JPJ were to set a new on-the-road rule, it'll be..Dun Snap & Drive

we grabbed loads of junks on the way back and it came up to rm50+.

i got 2 cans of beer and honeystars oni ok. the rest all not mine.

anyway, CHUCK AND LARRY IS SO FUCKING HILLARIOUS EVERYONE SHUD GET THEMSELVES A COPY OF THEIR OWN PIRATED DVDS AND WATCH EVERYNITE!!!!!!! yookie, if u're reading this, u'll love it. and i gip additional points cos there's adam sandler. WEEE!!!

the last time i spent a nite at eve's home was...standart 6. when boy was still...milking from a bottle. and now he's all grown up, althou still a little shy *coughs* when jessica biel undressed. AWWWWWWW!!!

LAINE---> i'm not putting up the pic of u and me without ur consent okie?! u look absolutely great thou. ;)

i got the best spot...with beer and honeystars within handreach. HEAVEN MAN!!!

Food Tasting @ Federal Hotel
like i said, there's still exactly a month left so the relatives and us all went for a food tasting session at Federal Hotel to have a taste of what the dinner will b like on that night itself. it was...ok.

they decorated the table nicely to distract our attention from the meal.

the table for immediate family members. i'll be tables away...cos i'm oni the sister. pfft!!! stupid chinese traditions.

mommy exiting. yes i do not have her genes stop reminding.


the whole family is going thru a revamp all over the house to welcome 11th november. my room is 1/2 done after almost...1/2 a month. the store (daddy's trashroom) is completely cleared. and he even found dresses mommy wore during her wedding, my baby-pram (fuck!) and this...NOT FOR SALE K.

i was never an aaron kwok fan but i remember we had all the 4 heavenly kings' albums. totally speechless. check out his center parting. so cool!

i remember a picture of my grandma striking this pose when she had her wedding photos taken in 1911. nostalgic. WAHAHAHAHA!

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