Friday, October 19, 2007

bowling again, brothers, i'd be least

because there's oni a class on friday, i definitely would not want to drive down purposely jst to attend the meaningless lecture and then drive home again. therefore, i successfully dragged a couple of poor beings who had to teman me bowl while i waited for the movie to begin...bsides datin who was really really waiting to pick the ball up again.

sumthing mst b wrong with the lane today. the scores were so screwed up. so i camwhored and snapped pix of kenn the monk. haih. so heart wrenching la. not leng chai d lor. *sulks*. teehee!

sum pictures couldn't be transfered cos i lost my cable...*wails*


anyway, Brothers sucked big time. credits can be given to the cast and the action scenes that indeed were quite interesting at times. there were a couple of tensed moments but it was sooooooo slow...i dozed off for at least 2 minutes sumwhere in btween. whoops.

this happened a while ago on msn while the occasional argument happens and the wedding topic came out due to 11/11. i was asked to save it. says:
when are u getting married?
=Pëî XžÀn= says:
as soon as i get sum1 with byk byk money says:
ok....wait for me after 10 yrs says:
i will be with alot of money
=Pëî XžÀn= says:
u say wan ar..no1 wan me u take me says:
save this conversation says:
if i am married that time says:
i will marry u as my 2nd wife

according to that idiot, 2nd wifes are prettier and sluttier. so i forgive him. woot!

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