Friday, October 27, 2006


KAJANG: The wind was seeping thru my wooden door lowering the temperature of my room. i tucked in myself and drew the thick sheets over my head hugging the spongy pillow firmly around my arms and thighs. the droplets of rain crashing onto the window pane formed a mellow melody and drummed me back to slumberland before...

an idiot pounded on the door...'XZAN GET UP!!'

blady hell. i shot up and ran towards the door thinking the world has fallen. ALMOST.

daddy panicked(not an idiot after all :D).tsunami hit kajang and my house was under 5 feet of water. i had to take out the sampan and row towards my father who was struggling to reduce the stream of water rushing in.

jst joking. it took him 10 hours to wake me up. the drains sumwhere around the neighbourhood collapsed according to the jirans jirans tat were standing outside their houses pouring muddy water out of their garage and halls threfore causing the water to flow backwards. my house was better. the garage was not fully flooded. bt the water came from the the house.

it was oni 1/2 way in and not soo deep. the tiles were still visible. imagine the neighbours. kesian.

the water came gushing out the saucee and filled the toilet. gave me an idea to form a jacuzzi there. *claps*

the water flowing in from the back were brushed into that toilet...the main toilet. then the horror came when daddy asked if i wanted to see the dinosaurs that were swept along the flood into his toilet.

BLACK FAT CENTIPEDE SIZE OF AN ELEPHANT...still not completely dead so i witnessed the execution of it being stomped to death by the toilet pump. heh!

and the finale...TARA!!!

WHOLE FREAKING COLONY WASHED OUT. i wonder if roaches are now extinct. the entire extended family has been gruesomely murdered by SHIELDTOX. chinese juk ching hum gaa chaan really.


the internship has been ironically sent to The Star.

everyone knows it.

Monday, October 23, 2006

BID IIITTTT!!! BID IIITTT!!!--->(mj's tune)

thanx to si mou.

hence, i txted nat saying:
'i bid yuen ngang's mcd t for hkd80! bday pres k?' *smiling sheepishly to myself as i tpyed off on my bed, FIRST THING AFTER I WOKE UP IN THE AFTERNOON*

and the reply came:
'always buying mm dang sai stuff"

tats what birthday is for rite? i'm not like linda who requests for usable stuff everytime. wat's that piuter vase doing anyway now ar monkey? WAHAHAHAHAHA

Saturday, October 21, 2006

the naked chef

po got discharged today!

but having to wake up at 4 in the afternoon, i didn't tag along.

so i hopped to bintang, got myself all sorts of vegetables and started cooking at 630.

chaos. do not ever cook when u have no idea what u wanna do.

toking about cooking, i think it all started after i met missee yap at aunty pat's. sleepovers, making maggi gon lou, eggs(i'm pro at it wei), custards, steamed eggs...soup...that tastes like stale water from the wok...with orange juice, watching south park. how adventurous.

anyway, i made:

brocolli, capsicums, prawns, pork in lemonade.

and as i was cutting the veg, WHO HOOO!! i sumhow had extra ingredients to make soup. soo...

abc soup with eggs. looks like tong sui. bt it was so darn yummie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


linda has been asking me what i want for bday.

althou it's oni a month ++ away...i dunno what i want.

and considering i owe her 2 bday gifts ...and everything in aus is FRIGGIN PRICEY!!!

buy me timtams ok kawan? mwah!! hahahahahaha

or a pony la. i wan the elaborated wan. with glitters.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

let's play...doh

for brand management assignment, we decided that we would be rebranding play-doh the high class plasticin...

so off i went to mv with daddy yesterday for analakshimi again(hey!! it's healthy and i'm bringing new customers to them everytime i go okay?) and met with missie nat. the food tastes awesome!!!!! there'll be different varieties everytime we go althou they are all squashed vegetables and beans and i can't differentiate them but then it's nice! and it's charity.

so as usual, i hopped into toy's r' us lke i always do and started eyeing at things that i should not even look at. the ponies are getting more and more pretty. and i'll choose one and tell myself...'okay! nxt trip, u'll b following me home.'...but they're still hanging sadly on the racks, waving their colorful tails at me asking when that'll happen.

i got myself a shocking red and green tub of play-doh and mashing was it during lecture today with suelynn.


and then she started forming piles and piles of shit with the dough placing them all over the table.

toking about shit, i was at the ss2 pasar malam jalaning with cfei when i came across this BOOK OF FAECES...shit la in short. bt it was in chinese books oni cost rm10 or slightly more. the translated harry potter, is rm15 for 2. damn. and toking about pasar malam, jst b4 we went loitering on the streets, i strolled into a DVD shop(arow with KTZ) and HOLY!!! I GOT MYSELF THE LOWEST BUDGET TV MOVIE ON EARTH!!! IT'S ON SALE!! N THE SALESMAN KNEW THE FULLNAME OF THE MOVIE!!! can't believe it mien.

'yau mm yau shark attack ar?'
'spring break shark attack?'
'yau!!! dang ha...'

*5mins later...*...he handed me the exact wan i wanted...YAY!!! and he's blady honest, stopping me from buying those nonsense dvds that were still not clear yet.

tat's it. i'm going there for internship.


dear santa,

as linda started her little xmas wish, i mite as well start 1 too.
i don't need an ipod nano yet. my mp3's still working fine.
bt if u can, get me the whole rack of pony in toys' r' us and also the Doc Croc that i played with everytime i went there.

p.s- i hereby attach the picture for ur reference.

thank you. :D

**** 2nd choice for internship...TOYS' R' US, MIDVALLEY.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Thank You

fucking just mind ur own freaking business wei.


Saturday, October 14, 2006


THE results are out.

holy crap. a B- for english is totally absurd la. i'm not saying my level of english is skyhigh but then...a B-?!!! FOR THAT PAPER?!! the comprehension part itself i would have scored an A wei. what the hell...i can even score better for add maths. NAH! JST JOKING!

nat--->"mayb u terpesong"...

a B- for comm theories is an achievement. *pats self on the ass*. i couldn't have scored any better no matter what. :D

from 3.5+ down to 3.2+ is so wounding to my internship. i wanna work in marrybrown.


hectic day. spent most of the afternoon at tungshin...

came back late evening, mandi...ALL U CAN EAT STEAMBOAT!!!

ALL SORTS OF MUSHROOMS, seafood, meatballs, freeflow of drinks, fruits, agar-agar and...those normal steamboat stuff. bt all piled on fresh ice cubes, waving happily asking us to eat them.

oooo! and ice cream.


Friday, October 13, 2006


nat took 1/2 day...YYYYYYAAAAYYYYYY!!!!!

went to analakshimi for a very very very healthy and filling lunch. all sorts of vegetables and freeflow of parpadam. FUH!!!

bot a tee from fos as always, an eyeshadow, a lipgloss, 2 pairs of earrings, a small bag, a book, a pants...wat else. man...totally overbudget. bt nat paid first. WAHAHAHAH!! pay back later. :D...she bot 2 mascaras and a coat. ;D

got a msg from mi last nite...'u wont 3 gifts from rob-b-hood'. it's not fr rob-b-hood. it's from GSC/JCE.


dog-tag...hanky...hp hanger. damn ugly wei.

popo's admitted again. high blood as usual. bt this time with great stories.

it seems the whole city was flooded and she had to clean the mess. then from no where, new neighbours were moving in and she had to help-out. and she'd turn to the maid and tell her...'5 ayam.'

she's so multi-lingo. :D

Thursday, October 12, 2006

World Trade Centre

second movie of the week...mien...i'm so gonna b broke.

but this is a movie that kenot b missed. so i din miss it. and i went for it on the first day. :D

even before it started...i mean, before the whole thing crashed and blah blah blah, i felt like crying. i wonder how the locals can watch this movie. how they'd feel. how the survivors would feel. it's really heart-wrenching. *bawls*

very very tensed...good effects, great clips...great nicolas cage. althou he jst needs to lie down with piles and piles of blocks and debris and jst say a few lines. bt he looks good.

i kept my teeshirt under my eyes just in when i heard the woman...or man bhind me choking from her own tears and then blowing her nose...i started laffing. not so serious la wei. unless the one sitting bhind me was actually my own darling sister. bt she was at work...:D

and ooooooo...maggie gyllenhaal looks quite good there. so like the brother...WAHAHAHAHA...that's my whole point actually.

Monday, October 9, 2006

7 weeks

new sem started.

i have 7 weeks before my hols again and then my internship starts!!!!!!

oh mien. still in the holiday mood.

still in the mid-autumn mood. for pix, please visit Nat's blog. :D

timetable sucks as usual. happens every sem. cis!!!

devil wears prada was...ok. meryl streep was GOOODDD!!!...anne hathaway's...mouth is big. bt she's really sweet. gisele! mexy. mayb the book could've been better. :D


if u understand, when i'm out of english words:!nDubkgeVHxiD8Q49bgnmuiA-/article?mid=529&prev=-1&next=527

Thursday, October 5, 2006



sum1 bot the butterfly lantern that i wanted. hmph.

karaoke session tonite with the brand new system, microphone and amplifier...WHOO HOO!!

eat more mooncakes everyone!!!

and oh!! yam and ling kok are both packed with iron and calcium and it's so not fattening. pile those things up for tonite!! YAY!!!

Wednesday, October 4, 2006


almost a year ago, i blogged about my 'coming trip to tmn negara'. it's almost a year now. i still can feel the pain from climbing...EEEKKKK!!! bt i miss it. i miss the air. i miss the greens. and i miss the water. bt i totally do not miss the leeches. and i do not miss the hot guy. cos he doesn't look hot anymore. :D---> confirm loser wei. HAHAHAHAHA

and i blogged about haze. and haze is back. RUNNNN!!! RRUUNNNNNNNNNN!!!

many i know has been to hk and back, sum still there...sum...planning to go. oh mien...when can i go again...anyone who feels the same?? anyone who loaths going there again? RAISE UR HANDS PLS!!! *hands swinging frantically in the air*...*all mine*

toking about hk, MOONCAKE FESTIVAL'S HERE!! almost...saw many attractive lanterns everywhere and the best...

where have all the traditional lanterns gone? THIS THING UP THERE, it's expensive, it's ugly's ultraman.

i wan a custom made pony lantern...or a bananas in pyjamas lantern pls...

Monday, October 2, 2006


Visit Sea Shepherd Conservation Society


actually, i'm jst trying to sell Chet. not the website. bt it's worth a go. SAVE THE FINS!! and the turtles...and all the sotong...seals...etc.


the genting trip was so so good.

watched rob-b-hood. SO DAMN GOOD.

2 days of jst lazing in cold air is so refreshing.

Genting Pix