Thursday, October 12, 2006

World Trade Centre

second movie of the week...mien...i'm so gonna b broke.

but this is a movie that kenot b missed. so i din miss it. and i went for it on the first day. :D

even before it started...i mean, before the whole thing crashed and blah blah blah, i felt like crying. i wonder how the locals can watch this movie. how they'd feel. how the survivors would feel. it's really heart-wrenching. *bawls*

very very tensed...good effects, great clips...great nicolas cage. althou he jst needs to lie down with piles and piles of blocks and debris and jst say a few lines. bt he looks good.

i kept my teeshirt under my eyes just in when i heard the woman...or man bhind me choking from her own tears and then blowing her nose...i started laffing. not so serious la wei. unless the one sitting bhind me was actually my own darling sister. bt she was at work...:D

and ooooooo...maggie gyllenhaal looks quite good there. so like the brother...WAHAHAHAHA...that's my whole point actually.

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