Saturday, October 14, 2006


THE results are out.

holy crap. a B- for english is totally absurd la. i'm not saying my level of english is skyhigh but then...a B-?!!! FOR THAT PAPER?!! the comprehension part itself i would have scored an A wei. what the hell...i can even score better for add maths. NAH! JST JOKING!

nat--->"mayb u terpesong"...

a B- for comm theories is an achievement. *pats self on the ass*. i couldn't have scored any better no matter what. :D

from 3.5+ down to 3.2+ is so wounding to my internship. i wanna work in marrybrown.


hectic day. spent most of the afternoon at tungshin...

came back late evening, mandi...ALL U CAN EAT STEAMBOAT!!!

ALL SORTS OF MUSHROOMS, seafood, meatballs, freeflow of drinks, fruits, agar-agar and...those normal steamboat stuff. bt all piled on fresh ice cubes, waving happily asking us to eat them.

oooo! and ice cream.


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