Friday, October 27, 2006


KAJANG: The wind was seeping thru my wooden door lowering the temperature of my room. i tucked in myself and drew the thick sheets over my head hugging the spongy pillow firmly around my arms and thighs. the droplets of rain crashing onto the window pane formed a mellow melody and drummed me back to slumberland before...

an idiot pounded on the door...'XZAN GET UP!!'

blady hell. i shot up and ran towards the door thinking the world has fallen. ALMOST.

daddy panicked(not an idiot after all :D).tsunami hit kajang and my house was under 5 feet of water. i had to take out the sampan and row towards my father who was struggling to reduce the stream of water rushing in.

jst joking. it took him 10 hours to wake me up. the drains sumwhere around the neighbourhood collapsed according to the jirans jirans tat were standing outside their houses pouring muddy water out of their garage and halls threfore causing the water to flow backwards. my house was better. the garage was not fully flooded. bt the water came from the the house.

it was oni 1/2 way in and not soo deep. the tiles were still visible. imagine the neighbours. kesian.

the water came gushing out the saucee and filled the toilet. gave me an idea to form a jacuzzi there. *claps*

the water flowing in from the back were brushed into that toilet...the main toilet. then the horror came when daddy asked if i wanted to see the dinosaurs that were swept along the flood into his toilet.

BLACK FAT CENTIPEDE SIZE OF AN ELEPHANT...still not completely dead so i witnessed the execution of it being stomped to death by the toilet pump. heh!

and the finale...TARA!!!

WHOLE FREAKING COLONY WASHED OUT. i wonder if roaches are now extinct. the entire extended family has been gruesomely murdered by SHIELDTOX. chinese juk ching hum gaa chaan really.


the internship has been ironically sent to The Star.

everyone knows it.

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