Sunday, September 28, 2008


i'm updating, just because.

my sleeping time's so normal i get occasional offline messages asking me 'where i am', 'what happened to me' and...'u working d?'...cos that would be the only reason i'd b MIA for a long time. WEE!! life's better i guess in the office. getting slightly more work and I KNOW...i know...i shud be cherishing my free i am not complaining. *zip*. but...i feel useless. so...XD

nat's resuming her work soon. which means 2 months just ZAPPED past!! SO FREAKING FAST!! i'm emoing on her behalf. AhHAhHA!!!

anyway, i spent my saturday catching up on my glorious sleep after a party by my company on friday (YES I IS LUCKY), watching rubbish and...goodness gracious i don't remember anymore cos it's my sleeping time now (11.30pm). :S. i can remember wat i did today thou!!! i was supposed to head down to Red Square KL for sum work related mission as they refused to pick up my calls n return my mail. so heck i drove down there with my dahling who's always there to temans me when i need...and...

this was wat i fucking saw.

'closed for Raya holidays from the 28th Sept - 3rd Oct'.

can cry ok...petrol's only 10 cents lower it's not gonna make a difference and the parking cost me rm5. but then we decided to make full use of our time. so we...had a romantic evening breeze together and...erm...utilized the power of technology.

how i wished i could paint liddat. then my house wouldn't be of boring shades of green and pink anymore.

making a deal with the kid. dunno boy or gal. i get the teletubby doll, she gets a ketupat for raya. YAY!

failed attempt. no kl tower behind.

there! much better!
i laps u dahling!! appreciates it!! XD

so to whoever reads my blog and knows linda, there'll be this raya party at her house next wed nite. we've not decided on anything and we've not sent out the invitations so bring anyone k. we'll be having djs to mix 'balik kampung' and p.ramlee's songs to sate and nasi lemak. WHOO HOO!!!

can't wait for tue night to come d. YAY!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this time last year, we were back at The Star doing some rubbish recording for a project that i assume failed miserably. same time this year, i was stuck in the office till 8pm and she was called for a meeting. poor soul.......!!

nvm...siam's sayang.

back when i was blonde...and she was an under-rated actress.
sudah tua ni!! jgn nakal-nakal yah!!!
teman tengok legendary assassin kalau ade.
terima kasih!!!!

---------------------------------------------- liddat nxt time wanna whack her oso kenot.
smile je mst buy barbie dolls and fairies for her d.
hmph...lucky got hand me downs. :D

Monday, September 22, 2008

what i did at work

it's like writing an essay back in primary school.
and with the answer i'm about to gip, i'd most probably get 0.
because i did nothing...well almost la. i did do a couple weird stuff that i had to read up and explore myself on how it had to be done. and other than that, i basically msn-ed, facebook-ed, surved and surved and surved. oh yeah and exchange emails with the manager.

i sat in for meetings and it was as thou the director had yelled ACTION.
cos...i acted like i was paying severe attention. fact is, i had no idea what was going on. everyone was pretty frenly and the guys have fantastic facial piercings. (they have super notorious looks like onizuka but sound like batman and speaks like superman. erm ok dun ask me how i just feel so). i brought my pen and notebook along and at the end i was literally sketching rubbish on those pages...i held the book close to me so that they'll think i'm penning notes down. PANDAI KAN?!

the camera stopped rolling at 6.48pm.
the office is super cold and the lights are dim. perfect environment for a party in slumberland.
i was so awake listening to my ipod strolling down the streets of damansara heights eating my carbonara bun after that n i've never njoyed the heat so much. i'm gonna bring a snowcap, jumper, windbreaker and furcoat tmr. and leather boots.

i wonder how long it'll take before i can tok to everyone like...a real colleague. everyone was too bz to layan today. MEHHH!! so deprived. yippie said it'll take at least 1 month. OMG! 1 hour of keeping mum is tedious. 1 MONTH?! *bites lips*

anyone i nudge to on msn, pls layan k.
it's 8.13pm. i wanna tido.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cheers to the New Phase of Life!

okay that sounds pretty optimistic.
fact is i'm feeling sssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo daaarrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnn fffuuuccckiiinnnggggg eeeemmmoooooo it's not even funny.

there is a long list of NO MOREs now but i'm not gonna list it to amplify my keemo-an. but then on another hand, i've been wanting to work and earn my own money considering almost everyone around me has started to. *slap* la i'm quite happy. summore i got such nice working bajus. OHHH!!! dinner's celebration tonite was superb. everyone's happy that i'm not gonna extend my masters in bumminglogy *quote junesi* anymore. ;). PEACE!!

just pray i won't have any parking problems because i don't wanna take public transport to work, i don't have bitchy people in the office even if it's the tukang sapu AND very important...may there be many many cute creative colleagues...or even better, CLIENTS. thank you.
i THINK i'm gonna get to bed soon. it's 12.50am. omg so late d kan?!
i DON'T THINK i've ever slept this early for the past...N years. i feel old already.

PX...this is just a process. LOOK TO THE FUTURE.


(note to self- it's the 4th time i got stung by a bee. it's been 24 hours and my baby finger is still fat like fuck. stoooooooooopid.)

Friday, September 19, 2008

At looooooong Last...

Update #1
everyone can stop asking the question.
yes I'm starting work. next monday @ Proximity (BBDO).
i'm gonna be in UOA Building for the next dunno how many months (or years who'd know) and if you're there just gip me a call we'll go whack Subway which is just next door okay?!

Update #2
i chopped my freaking long hay. the last time i deliberated in cutting because the stylist said NO. this time i made up my mind and just told him to go on and chop. he nodded after agreeing that my hair sux. so off he went with his sweeney todd scissors and SHAKKKK!!!

and then 20 minutes later i became the gal with short hair.

i don't need 3 full pumps of shampoo now. conditioner oso dunno apply where. OH OH OH! and it took 2 mins for everything to be dry. YAY!!! hopefully it stays how it should. if not cut summore!!!

Update #3
Max has been diagnosed with pulmonary edema. If she were to be human, maybe she'd need open heart surgery. but because she isn't (dunno to thank god or not), she'd be under medication for as long as she lives. which is alrite because i had a small chat with the vet today before an xray was taken and when daddy was away to the loo and this is how it went:

'so doc, what's the worst scenario that could happen to her ar?'
'heart attack, sudden death' (this was the exact answer she gave. nothing less or more)
'or if it's not so serious then we'd have to keep her on long term medication for as long as she goes just to keep everything stable and working'

emo sial. nearly cried. but then it turned out not as bad as expected and we were told to keep her monitored until after raya and c if she's responding to the drugs. till then, *fingers crossed*. i'll go vegetarian for 1 month if she's fine. promise.

then as we were leaving daddy said:

'no more strenous activities for max! she can only watch tv and read papers everyday from now!'
'the vet was quite professional...and nice'


i introduced nat to the stylist and she's now kawaiiiiii! i am still not really sober from last nite. althou it was only beer. cos i came home to moonlight resonance which i regret watching cos last nite was crap and i had to banguns at 930 to upm. NOT GOOD. NO MORE NO MORE! nxt time mamak means MAMAK! NO HARTAMAS!!

i need more sleep. will be totally deprived of it after this week.
goodnite. (oh look it's 9.18! i've not taken my to sleep. )

Monday, September 15, 2008

When I Needed To Rant...



Name: Legendary Assassin
Official Release: Unknown

i have a feeling it's gonna be awefully lame.
but mst watch cos it's gonna be brutal with loads of spine breaking and awesome choreography.
and becos it's wu jing.
i wanna watch sumthing gory. now. as much bloodshed as possible.
it releases stress.
*runs to the set of dvd and watches Blade*. WEEE!!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

You Can Be Anyone, If You Have

I can even fulfill dreams for others.

for example...:

Lindsay Lohan has been spotted walking down the red carpet along an unknown asian face she met at the Beijing Olympics a couple weeks back and has pushed off rumors speculating her marriage with Samantha Ronson.

But the truth is, Sam is dating Lee Boon Heng.

He can even have killer biceps. And Jessica Simpson.

Best of all, he can fulfill his dreams to be an Olympic Champion, alongside Auntie Gao Ling.


i know my skills suck. But it made my day.
and i guess his too.
goodnite...photoshopping is tedious.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The story of Tigger and Pooh

once upon a time, two idiots were having a fun time chatting about nothing for hours. idiot A reminds idiot B (who suffers short term memory lost) about a lame and stoooopid self-derived joke that occured back in their idiotic younger years (means damn young).

it's a one sided conversation. cos idiot b doesn't recall the incident. so idiot A tried explaining.

lind/\rchobyz says:

i asked you, heard of tommy T girl?

you replied, what?

lind/\rchobyz says:

then i said, T GIRL

lind/\rchobyz says:

then you stoned, and you answer POOH

lind/\rchobyz says:

then i said.. what pooh?

lind/\rchobyz says:


if you get it, WELCOME TO THE HOUSE.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Never Ending Drive...

i've never spoken so much about myself in a day.
i've never repeated so many things over and over and over and over...and over again in a day.
i've never driven so much around damansara, take 2 hours to get to the building behind the place i was initially at, get stuck in a jam, get summoned and almost arriving late for an interview in the same fucking day.

the day started pretty well! i called che foo to get my way to uoa building for my first interview and i arrived way before the time as discussed and treated myself to a nice subway roasted beef loaf after that. while the things were occurring, i received a call for yet another interview (peace! ppl do want me!) and apparently, it's really...REALLY near uoa. so i tot, okay!! makan, watch movie on ipod and wait for 7pm. i was stuffed and eventually the following basic instinct attacked. i was sleepy. decided to do sumthing so...

yippie wanted me to drive over to phileo1 for a drink but hey! semua orang puasa and leaves at 5, what if i drive over, park, drink come back and i'm late? so i thought it'd b wiser of me to set out looking for the next building, arriving early again and making a good impression. ptah! oh and i forgot to reply her saying i'm not going. sorry morry sayang.

this was what happened...and i started driving at 5.09pm.

i was told to drive down after uoa and turn left then all the way dunno what so i did. and as it was still early, i reread the msg and i tried a couple times...cos it was still earrllyyyy...
the outer the line is from yellow onwards, represents the number of times i've done it. and YES. i can confirm that i have powerhouse level patience...and gas...for having done that! it's fucking far. it leads u to pusat sains negara, mont kiara, this highway, that highway, and back to damansara fucking heights again.

the green where i went too adventurous. and shot out of my bounds. i ended up at taman seputeh. i SWEAR THAT PLACE IS WHERE MURDERS TAKE PLACE!!! there was this hill i ended up facing a dead end, with wild dogs lurking around trying to head on crash into my myvi then eat me like the stupid movie i watched while back. no just joking there were only 2 lazy pariahs lying on the grass. and they only moved their eyeballs. it was then already 6.30pm. how time flies...even when u're not happy. hmph

anyway, babi told me that it's in damansara heights itself and i shudn't go driving around anymore so there i was...driving back the exact same road...and then taking for granted all the government's men would be home eating their ketupats, i crossed the double line cos it was 6.50pm and i was desperate. there they were!!! looking more ferocious than the pups at taman seputeh!! then i told myself...

'they're gonna send me back to china cos...'

i am illegal.

nvm how i did it but i pleaded my way thru giving all sorts of fake stories about whre my ic got stolen and how pathetic i've been having no money and being late for an interview cos i dunno my way around kl as i'm from KAJANG...a faraway land with merciful ppl and...brown meat on sticks. and i was a fresh graduate trying to beg for a job here in a alienated city all alone...*bawls* i did not bawl. i'd rather be marooned on a god forsaken spit of land...even if there were snakes. HAH!

but hey!! he was so nice!! he asked me to keep rm12 for myself and took the rest. YAY. i'm broke. there...dun say i always say i'm broke ok. it's not an excuse. that money was supposed to be for hotman cos it kenot be downloaded online. and now...:`{

after they left, god widened my eyes and i saw the building i was looking for. it was...

just right bhind where i was actually.


this post is so illegal that if anyone from the authority reads it, i'd end up in azkaban.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Humpty Dumpty

okay confession. apparently i love slapping edible objects on my skin.

eversince the last trip to the stylist, i've been haunted by nightmares that im going bald. a few days ago i dreamt there was a bald patch on my head so bad it became a hole and a rat fell in sumhow. :S. i woke up and decided to do sumthing about it. and no, not treatment cos i do not have the cash for it. so i came up with my own remedy.

ok la not my own. i googled and churned my guts out to try it. if you're interested and totally bored and well, u've got sick of having such pretty hair and wanna gip it a go to maybe damage it a little, google EGGS and HAIR. TA DAAA!!!!

it's so sticky my hair (if u know how long it is) can stand straight approximately 5 mins after applying it on. all you do is, break an egg, whip it and pour it over your head, wrap it up, sing 3 songs with water showering over and occasional njoy droplets of eggyolk trickling down your forehead (don't wash it off, just lather it around cos eggs are good :D) and wash it off with cold water. hot water oso can. when it cooks just eat it la.

it's not really interesting after that. you'll smell eggs everywhere you go, every angle you turn and every direction the wind blows.

i feel like humpty dumpty.

---------*5 mins later*------------

and oh!! great discovery. i just realized that it helps to make hair shine and not hair fall. yay!!

jahat. and adding on to that, i'm lost within the maps of damansara. i'm not even there yet and i'm lost. tomoro how?!?!?!

call che foo. goodnite.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

She is...

super mario satu bulans...

try to stop shitting while bathing d okay...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Robe, The Flowers and the Sea of Happy Faces

to be honest, i wasn't really looking forward to the day. i've heard spine-chilling tails of how boring those speeches that will eventually lull you to sleep (what more when they are cinapeks murmuring their way through) and towards the end u'd b all melted with mascara trickling down ur cheeks along all the ever flowing sweat. oh miennnn...once in a lifetime and i look lke a sohai. such inviting memories kan?

and the idea of waking up early put me off to. i have no idea how to put my robe on cos nat was not allowed to come home, the motaboard looks terrible on my head exposing my mooncake face and...everyone was telling me the possibility of tripping right on stage and mayb chip my teeth.

so i slapped sum makeup light as possible so that i'll not have paint dripping down my neck and stoned my way thru until i met lynnie and fei and we proceeded to the waiting room. we put everything on pretty quickly and waited in line to be escorted into the hall. i couldn't see my parents. i did not wear my cons and definitely not my specs. i vaguely saw many proud papa mamas standing and shooting as i drifted in head tossing and turning and asking leongsookyee if she saw anyone familiar...then b4 she could answer, BANG! i walked into the person before me cos i was too busy to notice the line halted. the camera was shooting bside me and i stoned even further.

the speeches were not so cool. the hall was pretty cold. the parents were high up and i couldn't see them. and thank god for the invention of hps, we started smsing each other until we walked up the stage. as i've mentioned before, we all had very good walks and even better photoshooting moments.

i is happy. right until this moment everytime i look at the pix. :D...whoever tak pigi memang bodoh sial. OO OOO!!! and i felt like a lawyer after putting the robes on. too bad no wig. mehhh

ok i admit i nvr expected the hall to look so good. it was grand. and cold. and comfortable. hence, the urge to tido.
p.s- the empty seat is meant for drew. HAPPY OR NOT?!

Daddy, me, Mommy

I LAPS U TOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

babi, thumbee, me

SAYA SUKA GAMBAR NI BABI! let's set as our wallpaper ok?!?!?! lol!

bao yue lost his. then he stole mine. and lost mine too. stupid boi.

so little squint utar bear is sitting sadly alone now.
and i think it's the oni product of utar that im proud of.

MA BABEEE!!!!!!!! i miss u already.
althou u made me illegal. >]

nee, ngeengee, junesi, px, pauly, lynnie, baoyue, jean, angang
and da ming ge at the back.

she swore to come even if takde orang teman. *bawls*

which reminds me, portland is calling. sigh. i'll be lonely.

he introduced me to his parents. my bfs parents oso belum jumpa i jumpa ur parents d. salah wei. SALAH.

tenzin-chan and mommy. mama saya suka tenzin-chan! u nvr intro ong lai chu to me. jahat.

tenzin-chan and siam's. <3

SOOSOO and PX. dun feel lost k. px is always here!!! and always lost too. LoL!

ChristooophaOrangSitiawan. :D

my uni days were brightly lit because of yous!!! so corrorful!!!

The Leongs and The Chias.
How the family met: Flight to Xi'an
Status: Random
I bet we can be the bestest family frens althou we dun speak hokkien kan babe?! i miss ahma too. :(

NgeengeeProfessionalPhotographer and px

StarbuxAhmaDatin and px. ah ma ur frowers so sweet. so tak ngam u. u shud hold cactus. more yeng!!!

Datuk Lee Chong Wei. The hero who got a silver from Olympics. Not lying. XD

June-si and px

AngAng was bz with everyone bt me hence takde gambar. hmph.

this is how i express my gratitude and love to my sayangs. and no linda did not die.

TERIMA KASIH DARLINGGGG...a bit more left. no i'm not sharing with anyone dun worry. :)

my preciousssssssssss...hiding in the garden of happiness. waving at me soulfully.
patience k. after studio shoot tmr we'll meet. :D