Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cheers to the New Phase of Life!

okay that sounds pretty optimistic.
fact is i'm feeling sssssssssssssoooooooooooooooo daaarrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnn fffuuuccckiiinnnggggg eeeemmmoooooo it's not even funny.

there is a long list of NO MOREs now but i'm not gonna list it to amplify my keemo-an. but then on another hand, i've been wanting to work and earn my own money considering almost everyone around me has started to. *slap* la i'm quite happy. summore i got such nice working bajus. OHHH!!! dinner's celebration tonite was superb. everyone's happy that i'm not gonna extend my masters in bumminglogy *quote junesi* anymore. ;). PEACE!!

just pray i won't have any parking problems because i don't wanna take public transport to work, i don't have bitchy people in the office even if it's the tukang sapu AND very important...may there be many many cute creative colleagues...or even better, CLIENTS. thank you.
i THINK i'm gonna get to bed soon. it's 12.50am. omg so late d kan?!
i DON'T THINK i've ever slept this early for the past...N years. i feel old already.

PX...this is just a process. LOOK TO THE FUTURE.


(note to self- it's the 4th time i got stung by a bee. it's been 24 hours and my baby finger is still fat like fuck. stoooooooooopid.)

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