Monday, September 22, 2008

what i did at work

it's like writing an essay back in primary school.
and with the answer i'm about to gip, i'd most probably get 0.
because i did nothing...well almost la. i did do a couple weird stuff that i had to read up and explore myself on how it had to be done. and other than that, i basically msn-ed, facebook-ed, surved and surved and surved. oh yeah and exchange emails with the manager.

i sat in for meetings and it was as thou the director had yelled ACTION.
cos...i acted like i was paying severe attention. fact is, i had no idea what was going on. everyone was pretty frenly and the guys have fantastic facial piercings. (they have super notorious looks like onizuka but sound like batman and speaks like superman. erm ok dun ask me how i just feel so). i brought my pen and notebook along and at the end i was literally sketching rubbish on those pages...i held the book close to me so that they'll think i'm penning notes down. PANDAI KAN?!

the camera stopped rolling at 6.48pm.
the office is super cold and the lights are dim. perfect environment for a party in slumberland.
i was so awake listening to my ipod strolling down the streets of damansara heights eating my carbonara bun after that n i've never njoyed the heat so much. i'm gonna bring a snowcap, jumper, windbreaker and furcoat tmr. and leather boots.

i wonder how long it'll take before i can tok to everyone like...a real colleague. everyone was too bz to layan today. MEHHH!! so deprived. yippie said it'll take at least 1 month. OMG! 1 hour of keeping mum is tedious. 1 MONTH?! *bites lips*

anyone i nudge to on msn, pls layan k.
it's 8.13pm. i wanna tido.

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