Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Never Ending Drive...

i've never spoken so much about myself in a day.
i've never repeated so many things over and over and over and over...and over again in a day.
i've never driven so much around damansara, take 2 hours to get to the building behind the place i was initially at, get stuck in a jam, get summoned and almost arriving late for an interview in the same fucking day.

the day started pretty well! i called che foo to get my way to uoa building for my first interview and i arrived way before the time as discussed and treated myself to a nice subway roasted beef loaf after that. while the things were occurring, i received a call for yet another interview (peace! ppl do want me!) and apparently, it's really...REALLY near uoa. so i tot, okay!! makan, watch movie on ipod and wait for 7pm. i was stuffed and eventually the following basic instinct attacked. i was sleepy. decided to do sumthing so...

yippie wanted me to drive over to phileo1 for a drink but hey! semua orang puasa and leaves at 5, what if i drive over, park, drink come back and i'm late? so i thought it'd b wiser of me to set out looking for the next building, arriving early again and making a good impression. ptah! oh and i forgot to reply her saying i'm not going. sorry morry sayang.

this was what happened...and i started driving at 5.09pm.

i was told to drive down after uoa and turn left then all the way dunno what so i did. and as it was still early, i reread the msg and i tried a couple times...cos it was still earrllyyyy...
the outer the line is from yellow onwards, represents the number of times i've done it. and YES. i can confirm that i have powerhouse level patience...and gas...for having done that! it's fucking far. it leads u to pusat sains negara, mont kiara, this highway, that highway, and back to damansara fucking heights again.

the green where i went too adventurous. and shot out of my bounds. i ended up at taman seputeh. i SWEAR THAT PLACE IS WHERE MURDERS TAKE PLACE!!! there was this hill i ended up facing a dead end, with wild dogs lurking around trying to head on crash into my myvi then eat me like the stupid movie i watched while back. no just joking there were only 2 lazy pariahs lying on the grass. and they only moved their eyeballs. it was then already 6.30pm. how time flies...even when u're not happy. hmph

anyway, babi told me that it's in damansara heights itself and i shudn't go driving around anymore so there i was...driving back the exact same road...and then taking for granted all the government's men would be home eating their ketupats, i crossed the double line cos it was 6.50pm and i was desperate. there they were!!! looking more ferocious than the pups at taman seputeh!! then i told myself...

'they're gonna send me back to china cos...'

i am illegal.

nvm how i did it but i pleaded my way thru giving all sorts of fake stories about whre my ic got stolen and how pathetic i've been having no money and being late for an interview cos i dunno my way around kl as i'm from KAJANG...a faraway land with merciful ppl and...brown meat on sticks. and i was a fresh graduate trying to beg for a job here in a alienated city all alone...*bawls* i did not bawl. i'd rather be marooned on a god forsaken spit of land...even if there were snakes. HAH!

but hey!! he was so nice!! he asked me to keep rm12 for myself and took the rest. YAY. i'm broke. there...dun say i always say i'm broke ok. it's not an excuse. that money was supposed to be for hotman cos it kenot be downloaded online. and now...:`{

after they left, god widened my eyes and i saw the building i was looking for. it was...

just right bhind where i was actually.


this post is so illegal that if anyone from the authority reads it, i'd end up in azkaban.

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