Friday, September 19, 2008

At looooooong Last...

Update #1
everyone can stop asking the question.
yes I'm starting work. next monday @ Proximity (BBDO).
i'm gonna be in UOA Building for the next dunno how many months (or years who'd know) and if you're there just gip me a call we'll go whack Subway which is just next door okay?!

Update #2
i chopped my freaking long hay. the last time i deliberated in cutting because the stylist said NO. this time i made up my mind and just told him to go on and chop. he nodded after agreeing that my hair sux. so off he went with his sweeney todd scissors and SHAKKKK!!!

and then 20 minutes later i became the gal with short hair.

i don't need 3 full pumps of shampoo now. conditioner oso dunno apply where. OH OH OH! and it took 2 mins for everything to be dry. YAY!!! hopefully it stays how it should. if not cut summore!!!

Update #3
Max has been diagnosed with pulmonary edema. If she were to be human, maybe she'd need open heart surgery. but because she isn't (dunno to thank god or not), she'd be under medication for as long as she lives. which is alrite because i had a small chat with the vet today before an xray was taken and when daddy was away to the loo and this is how it went:

'so doc, what's the worst scenario that could happen to her ar?'
'heart attack, sudden death' (this was the exact answer she gave. nothing less or more)
'or if it's not so serious then we'd have to keep her on long term medication for as long as she goes just to keep everything stable and working'

emo sial. nearly cried. but then it turned out not as bad as expected and we were told to keep her monitored until after raya and c if she's responding to the drugs. till then, *fingers crossed*. i'll go vegetarian for 1 month if she's fine. promise.

then as we were leaving daddy said:

'no more strenous activities for max! she can only watch tv and read papers everyday from now!'
'the vet was quite professional...and nice'


i introduced nat to the stylist and she's now kawaiiiiii! i am still not really sober from last nite. althou it was only beer. cos i came home to moonlight resonance which i regret watching cos last nite was crap and i had to banguns at 930 to upm. NOT GOOD. NO MORE NO MORE! nxt time mamak means MAMAK! NO HARTAMAS!!

i need more sleep. will be totally deprived of it after this week.
goodnite. (oh look it's 9.18! i've not taken my to sleep. )

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