Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Humpty Dumpty

okay confession. apparently i love slapping edible objects on my skin.

eversince the last trip to the stylist, i've been haunted by nightmares that im going bald. a few days ago i dreamt there was a bald patch on my head so bad it became a hole and a rat fell in sumhow. :S. i woke up and decided to do sumthing about it. and no, not treatment cos i do not have the cash for it. so i came up with my own remedy.

ok la not my own. i googled and churned my guts out to try it. if you're interested and totally bored and well, u've got sick of having such pretty hair and wanna gip it a go to maybe damage it a little, google EGGS and HAIR. TA DAAA!!!!

it's so sticky my hair (if u know how long it is) can stand straight approximately 5 mins after applying it on. all you do is, break an egg, whip it and pour it over your head, wrap it up, sing 3 songs with water showering over and occasional njoy droplets of eggyolk trickling down your forehead (don't wash it off, just lather it around cos eggs are good :D) and wash it off with cold water. hot water oso can. when it cooks just eat it la.

it's not really interesting after that. you'll smell eggs everywhere you go, every angle you turn and every direction the wind blows.

i feel like humpty dumpty.

---------*5 mins later*------------

and oh!! great discovery. i just realized that it helps to make hair shine and not hair fall. yay!!

jahat. and adding on to that, i'm lost within the maps of damansara. i'm not even there yet and i'm lost. tomoro how?!?!?!

call che foo. goodnite.

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