Sunday, September 28, 2008


i'm updating, just because.

my sleeping time's so normal i get occasional offline messages asking me 'where i am', 'what happened to me' and...'u working d?'...cos that would be the only reason i'd b MIA for a long time. WEE!! life's better i guess in the office. getting slightly more work and I KNOW...i know...i shud be cherishing my free i am not complaining. *zip*. but...i feel useless. so...XD

nat's resuming her work soon. which means 2 months just ZAPPED past!! SO FREAKING FAST!! i'm emoing on her behalf. AhHAhHA!!!

anyway, i spent my saturday catching up on my glorious sleep after a party by my company on friday (YES I IS LUCKY), watching rubbish and...goodness gracious i don't remember anymore cos it's my sleeping time now (11.30pm). :S. i can remember wat i did today thou!!! i was supposed to head down to Red Square KL for sum work related mission as they refused to pick up my calls n return my mail. so heck i drove down there with my dahling who's always there to temans me when i need...and...

this was wat i fucking saw.

'closed for Raya holidays from the 28th Sept - 3rd Oct'.

can cry ok...petrol's only 10 cents lower it's not gonna make a difference and the parking cost me rm5. but then we decided to make full use of our time. so we...had a romantic evening breeze together and...erm...utilized the power of technology.

how i wished i could paint liddat. then my house wouldn't be of boring shades of green and pink anymore.

making a deal with the kid. dunno boy or gal. i get the teletubby doll, she gets a ketupat for raya. YAY!

failed attempt. no kl tower behind.

there! much better!
i laps u dahling!! appreciates it!! XD

so to whoever reads my blog and knows linda, there'll be this raya party at her house next wed nite. we've not decided on anything and we've not sent out the invitations so bring anyone k. we'll be having djs to mix 'balik kampung' and p.ramlee's songs to sate and nasi lemak. WHOO HOO!!!

can't wait for tue night to come d. YAY!!!!!!!!!

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