Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Robe, The Flowers and the Sea of Happy Faces

to be honest, i wasn't really looking forward to the day. i've heard spine-chilling tails of how boring those speeches that will eventually lull you to sleep (what more when they are cinapeks murmuring their way through) and towards the end u'd b all melted with mascara trickling down ur cheeks along all the ever flowing sweat. oh miennnn...once in a lifetime and i look lke a sohai. such inviting memories kan?

and the idea of waking up early put me off to. i have no idea how to put my robe on cos nat was not allowed to come home, the motaboard looks terrible on my head exposing my mooncake face and...everyone was telling me the possibility of tripping right on stage and mayb chip my teeth.

so i slapped sum makeup on...as light as possible so that i'll not have paint dripping down my neck and stoned my way thru until i met lynnie and fei and we proceeded to the waiting room. we put everything on pretty quickly and waited in line to be escorted into the hall. i couldn't see my parents. i did not wear my cons and definitely not my specs. i vaguely saw many proud papa mamas standing and shooting as i drifted in head tossing and turning and asking leongsookyee if she saw anyone familiar...then b4 she could answer, BANG! i walked into the person before me cos i was too busy to notice the line halted. the camera was shooting bside me and i stoned even further.

the speeches were not so cool. the hall was pretty cold. the parents were high up and i couldn't see them. and thank god for the invention of hps, we started smsing each other until we walked up the stage. as i've mentioned before, we all had very good walks and even better photoshooting moments.

i is happy. right until this moment everytime i look at the pix. :D...whoever tak pigi memang bodoh sial. OO OOO!!! and i felt like a lawyer after putting the robes on. too bad no wig. mehhh

ok i admit i nvr expected the hall to look so good. it was grand. and cold. and comfortable. hence, the urge to tido.
p.s- the empty seat is meant for drew. HAPPY OR NOT?!

Daddy, me, Mommy

I LAPS U TOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

babi, thumbee, me

SAYA SUKA GAMBAR NI BABI! let's set as our wallpaper ok?!?!?! lol!

bao yue lost his. then he stole mine. and lost mine too. stupid boi.

so little squint utar bear is sitting sadly alone now.
and i think it's the oni product of utar that im proud of.

MA BABEEE!!!!!!!! i miss u already.
althou u made me illegal. >]

nee, ngeengee, junesi, px, pauly, lynnie, baoyue, jean, angang
and da ming ge at the back.

she swore to come even if takde orang teman. *bawls*

which reminds me, portland is calling. sigh. i'll be lonely.

he introduced me to his parents. my bfs parents oso belum jumpa i jumpa ur parents d. salah wei. SALAH.

tenzin-chan and mommy. mama saya suka tenzin-chan! u nvr intro ong lai chu to me. jahat.

tenzin-chan and siam's. <3

SOOSOO and PX. dun feel lost k. px is always here!!! and always lost too. LoL!

ChristooophaOrangSitiawan. :D

my uni days were brightly lit because of yous!!! so corrorful!!!

The Leongs and The Chias.
How the family met: Flight to Xi'an
Status: Random
I bet we can be the bestest family frens althou we dun speak hokkien kan babe?! i miss ahma too. :(

NgeengeeProfessionalPhotographer and px

StarbuxAhmaDatin and px. ah ma ur frowers so sweet. so tak ngam u. u shud hold cactus. more yeng!!!

Datuk Lee Chong Wei. The hero who got a silver from Olympics. Not lying. XD

June-si and px

AngAng was bz with everyone bt me hence takde gambar. hmph.

this is how i express my gratitude and love to my sayangs. and no linda did not die.

TERIMA KASIH DARLINGGGG...a bit more left. no i'm not sharing with anyone dun worry. :)

my preciousssssssssss...hiding in the garden of happiness. waving at me soulfully.
patience k. after studio shoot tmr we'll meet. :D

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