Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cure to Blues

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It's Sunday.

And obviously it's Monday tomorrow. Hence the blues and emo-ness sipping in bit by bit.

Best time ever to organize the HK pix. They'll ward off all evil. HAH!
While going through the pix, I had little captions running through my mind. It occurred to me that this post should be submitted to Discover Hong Kong to promote tourism on behalf.


Day 2:

Wakeup call: 6.45am
1st destination: Golden Bauhinia Square


I should've stayed in to get more sleep but oh well...

Peanut, Daddy, Mommy...

Click to see my worn-out-sock face. Got stares from grannies who were having their ritual morning walk by the shore.

Sorry la Gung Gung Po Po. No time to wax my hair.

IFC, for Linda Chin...and Jared Tan.

Sorry maciam leaning tower.

Rushed off for breakfast at Causeway Bay. Had the name of the restaurant in my phone but I stupidly deleted it. But boy...'twas awesome.

We stopped at Repulse Bay. Stepped onto the beach and got bitten by...god knows what. Damn. Fucking. Itchy.


Okla different god there. But I think it's the same spot. They probably shifted the Laughing Buddha and placed Kuan Yin there.

Oh and that's...not Nat. Teehee.

Yuet Lou Yeh Yeh, I want hot boyfriend. I don't mind Wes Chan. Mm goi saai.

Drove back out to Aberdeen. Went on the same boat ride. It was drizzling by then.

Swear I didn't know Daddy was taking this picture. Damn fugry post but have to cos the guide was a typical HKer that was blady foul-mouthed.

Told us history about the floating village and how the Brits left them in despair when HK was handed over to China in 1997.

Quote Mr.Fisherman: 'Lei baan Ying Gwok lou jing yat PK lei ga!!'...if you don't understand, he basically said the Brits are bastards. ROFL

And he looks like a wax figure beside Mommy. Madame Tussauds inspired.

Self-reminder: Must bring family in there one day. MUST.

Went to a temple after that. Super boring don't remember taking any pictures. Then headed for Ocean Park.

My first trip there.

Whoever's planning a trip there, be sure to check out the weather forecast before you head up. And no worries it's HK which means their forecast is not by the Malaysian Meteorological Department. They're accurate.

Why you ask...*shakes head*

It started off pretty promisingly. Sky was clear. Wind was cool. Sun was shy.

Even the lunch was good.
Beef brisket rice and Pork Knuckles Noodles. I think it was HKD120. -.-"

The place is HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE. Dry, wet, high, low. Name it get it. But neh didn't go for the rides. Asked Daddy if he was interested and he shot me a dagger stare. ROFL

AH BOU!!! Damn fat. The Pandas were all in great condition. Enormous area for them to run about and...the room was damn fucking cold.

Right beside the Panda house was an aquarium. That stored weird-ass fishies.

Like this fella over here.
So tempted to reach for it, burst the...cheeks and see if it'll fly off like a balloon.


Good thing about HK. They have trains to everywhere. Even within the park!!! We needn't hike up to the rides. They had a train service that was effin' cool that slices through the mountains. But beware folks. The mainland people swarms the track. Make sure you're not pushed off the rails.

Daddy spent 15minutes just snapping pictures of the scenery. Clouds came and turned ugly...

As we were running off for shelter before the sky tore apart, a few other thousands of people were standing at open area, discussing how pretty the clouds were and started snapping away.

There were kids.

There was lightning.

Thunder soon followed.

5 minutes later, it poured. God bless the souls.

Waited about 1/2 an hour for the rain to clear.

Walked out to catch the bus down to Admiralty. And while waiting, it poured again.


It was cold. Stood under a small hut for shelter, couldn't be part of the queue for the bus because we neither had a raincoat nor an umbrella. Called cabbies but...peak hour...all gone.


Poor new sandals.
All wet knees down. Cold. Not local. Friends have no cars. The only time the boyfriend would come in handy.

Daddy ran back in to get us raincoats.

I know right.

Thank god for efficient systems. Got a ride in less than 10-minutes.
Nearly froze in the bus. Dead worried I would have pulmonery-edema (I blame movies)...then I slept.

Woke up, got us tickets from Admiralty back to TST. Walked us back from the station to the hotel.


Bathed. Got warm. Went out for hotpot.

Yau Gwat Hey, Along Humphrey's Avenue.
A few streets down Chungking Mansions.

Double thumbs-up.
HKD370. -.-"""""""

Fish noodles that we have here.
Squeeze them yourself there.



Friday, May 28, 2010

The First Ever

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Joana Wang, Joanna & 王若琳

For the past 2 weeks, I only managed to spend 2 nights at home.
Not fun.

Therefore, this comes from the bottom of my heart.

Attended my first ever team-building session.

~ So what I got from it you ask? Physically...

1) A few cuts and bruises and loads of mosquito bites. The place breeds Aedes.

2) A 1/4 tan. Not hot enough for someone *coughs* Babi evil never tell me earlier *coughs*

3) A few nice colleagues and a whole lot of other funny ones which I don't think I'd remember their faces when the week begins but...they're nice.

4) Dry lips and a soarthroat

~ And this was what I managed to analyze. By watching the ones up there.

1) Life is unfair. True. But don't cheat. Shame on you.

2) Shit happens. Learn to accept it. Don't put the blame on other people. Especially the ones that offered a helping hand.

3) First impression is important. Stay nice. Stay approachable. Stay down to earth.

4) Last impression is equally important. Say thank you. Or say Please.

5) Take pride of your losses. Been there. Done that. Gain something. Win? Cheer. Lose? Clap. Get jeered? Laugh along. Don't defend.

6) People are generally not interested in knowing your philosophy behind the reason that led to your losses. You lost. Suck up and learn why.

7) Quote trainer: People change if there's a value for them to change. If they see the value, give them time. It doesn't take a day.

8) That being said, stop biting on the past!! If there's value, it will happen!

9) Learn to let go

10) THERE IS ALWAYS A KIASU IN EVERYONEEEEE (Ok I admit. I kiasu sial wan)

Kesimpulannya, it was a good training. But if this was for building leadership skills, it failed miserably.

All else wise, it was fun.

And best if it only happens once in say...10 years.



Hong Kong - Day TWO

And for now,


Tuesday, May 25, 2010



有興趣的話, 可按HERE繼續.


如有類同, 咪鬼讀lor...


Heading for a 3-day teambuilding session tomorrow.

Reminds me of camps and trainings during comp squad years.


Need to pack. I've not even fully unpacked from last week. Heh!

And just a week back I was still wandering around the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui.

The worst ice cream ever taken.

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Month of May: Chapter 1

I'm going to be really responsible by blogging about the entire trip before my memories wither away.

I shall keep these beautiful pieces as it is...before anything slips off and I end up replacing the missing puzzles with my own imagination.

But before that, let's take a step...say...5 years 2005.


Let's erase the past.

18 May 2010, Tuesday

Flight: 9am
Left home: 6am
Touched down: Approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes later.
Temperature: 28°C

After 5 consecutive flights yearly since 2005, I'm still not convinced that I can survive the flight without motion sickness pills. I know, I know, I don't need it, it's all in the mind. But I'd really prefer sleeping the entire know...just in case.

The Mr.Bean and Paperbag scene is pretty traumatizing.

So there...I slept throughout. Don't ask me how the meals taste. I never had any before.

There was a delay after we got out because some of them in the tour group got lost in transition. Apparently one of them (Mr.Fat) escaped for a short ciggie break. Uncollected luggage will be removed from the belt within...approximately 1/2 an hour to avoid obstruction. Mr.Fat crossed the customs, couldn't find his bags cos they were out of the belt at the other end of the room and threw a big fuss when the tour group left without him. We waited for an hour and a half.


D' Bridge

We stayed at Imperial Hotel along Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

The room was HUGE (take note: Hong Kong standard)! Managed to take in Daddy, Mommy, all our bags, a pretty decent tv, 2 beds, a toilet and other necessary items. Best thing of all, we could still walk around freely. :) *not kidding. damn big d considered*

Left immediately to Sheung Wan. Sunny was already waiting for me at the lobby.

Had my brunch at 3.30pm @ Macau Char Chan Teng. Fussili in Borsche with chunks of beef. YUMS.

Met Clayton Cheung at the Sheung Wan station at approximately 4.30pm.

My bad. Did not memorize lyrics.
Studio was small. But comfortable. And smelled of Lavender.

Sunny Wong Tze Yeung. You is best.

Don't remember how long we stayed. Not long.
2 songs.
One helluva memory.

And it's not gonna stop there. Say all you want.


Left for Admiralty.
Hiked the way up to Central. God knows why. But it was fun walking and yakking together. Took the Ding Ding Tram to Causeway Bay's Tai Hing for a plate of Siu Mae (Char Siew and...erm...see lupa d. Dammit but it tasted good. Oh wait Siu Yuk I think).

Walked down Tai Koo. No idea how we ended up there. But kept walking. Took the MTR back to TST. Went to Avenue of Stars because I swore if I had the money I'd buy the piece of land and build my home there.

Neh kidding. I'd just buy one on The Peak. Thank you.

Courtesy of photographer Sunny Wong.
Dog tired face.

No touchups done. It turned out liddat.
Isn't she a beauty.

Imperial Hotel is almost right behind The Peninsula.
So darn convenient I know...

Went to I-Square for a walk cos it's new.
Got conned HKD6, buying a bottle of Vitamin Water from Starbucks. To whoever's going, Starbucks = HKD22...any other place = HKD16.

Dragged ourselves back to the hotel. Sunny went home.
Had Chut Chin Yat Ding for supper and bunked.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Not Just Any May

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5 years back, May was fantastic.

5 years later in 2010, May became phenomenal.

I walked a year's distance within a couple days.

Need I mention that?

And I had enough fun to last me a few years.


Before getting back to reality and...mundanity...

Lemme just laze my Sunday away imagining myself still walking on the grounds of the little island, wrapped amongst the many high-rise façades of the breathtaking city.

Oh yes, before I forget...

I miss this bitch so much.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Oh well if you've been following the past few posts, you'd know the amount of time I spent on my hair, ranting and complaining how I've been wanting it long but still continue snipping it, just for the fun of it.

I've always been wanting to do this post, just to keep track of all the styles that I had done.

Verdict: I never really am able to maintain the same cut for more than a year. Probably 6 months. Wait...some even shorter.

So well, let's skip the schooling period.
Always had short hair. So short it's spiky. And wet (cos I didn't know how to use wax -.-). Until I turned 17. Cos started to fatt hiao.

Oh but even with short hair and monkey face, I had my share of fans.
Go away don't be jealous.

Form 5.
Wasn't thinner back then it's the angle. But hair was growing longer.

Uni. First year. Most comments were like...'Omg my Pei Xzan so girly d'.
I am a girl if you're still wondering yah.

Then butt got itchy. Chopped it all off.
I believe something triggered it. Must be some random artiste that had really cool hairstyle.
Didn't look cool on me. -.-

Then it got worst.
So did my weight. Walao damn 7 fugry can? Go Sunway Lagoon summore lucky no one recognized me or else I probably wouldn't be hired now.

So due to the itchiness of the butt spiralling outta control, MY NIGHTMARE BEGAN.

Laughing-stock. Garnered most nicknames and I believe most lecturers remembered me and I got all my posts back then because of this hair.
It's called the Cibai Head.

Nightmare DID NOT end there.
As you can see in the picture above with Mr.Einstein there, I went to HK in that hair.

The tour guide announced as we got off the plane: "Ok everyone gather! I won't be holding a flag ok everyone just watch out for her head *pointing at my mane*". -.-"

Apparently we were 5 minutes behind Daniel Wu's flight. He walked off right after we got outta customs. THANK GOD!

There see. Damn sexy. Wear cute tees liddat summore.

T-shirt from Bangkok courtesy of Miss Lynnie. Not your fault babe. It's just my face.


2 heads on each side combined, you get 1 Peanut head.
O.O. I must have been possessed.

Pictures like this...are priceless.

And then somehow, I gained my senses back and decided to straighten it risking losing all my hair because the stylist told me: It'll be so dry it'll just turn brittle and break ok.

Fuck you la cibai. Just straighten it and I'm not coming back.

Straighten d...not so fat.
It's all the hair.

And I don't remember how long it took, my hair grew long.
Really long.

And I became a blonde.

Don't remember how it feels anymore to have that hair.

Oh yeah...feels like a bimbo.

21st Birthday Bash.
Super long.
Super blonde.
Super dry.

Nat's wedding. Done @ A Cut Above, Pavillion.
Super expensive.
Super painfoo.
Loved it though.

And then I decided to be kawaii.

And did some fringe.
Bad idea. Don't look cute.

So It went long all over again and dyed it red due to some reasons.

But I miss him.

Oh and after that I decided to bring out the emo-rocker side of me.
And went goth-black.

I think I went black also because my hair was practically dead.
And the only way to salvage (camouflage) is to make the colour darker.

So the stylist said...'Chop it la. Certified d'.
And so I did. When I joined Proximity.

It was supposed to be a Bob. But knowing me, I never bothered to do anything and it became crap. (Sid was still...quite slim. HAH!!)

Even shorter.
Not many pictures on that. Had this up because Drew looks fantabulous.

Hahhh...stewardess will so fall for you, darling.

And then I went crazy.
And am still crazy.

Because I decided to chop it all off.

Really short.
Uber short.

So short.
I couldnt' stop myself.
And it maneuvered outta control again.

Best thing is, I'm going to HK again.

At least I won't be pole position again.
*lower lips tremble*