Monday, May 24, 2010

The Month of May: Chapter 1

I'm going to be really responsible by blogging about the entire trip before my memories wither away.

I shall keep these beautiful pieces as it is...before anything slips off and I end up replacing the missing puzzles with my own imagination.

But before that, let's take a step...say...5 years 2005.


Let's erase the past.

18 May 2010, Tuesday

Flight: 9am
Left home: 6am
Touched down: Approximately 3 hours and 25 minutes later.
Temperature: 28°C

After 5 consecutive flights yearly since 2005, I'm still not convinced that I can survive the flight without motion sickness pills. I know, I know, I don't need it, it's all in the mind. But I'd really prefer sleeping the entire know...just in case.

The Mr.Bean and Paperbag scene is pretty traumatizing.

So there...I slept throughout. Don't ask me how the meals taste. I never had any before.

There was a delay after we got out because some of them in the tour group got lost in transition. Apparently one of them (Mr.Fat) escaped for a short ciggie break. Uncollected luggage will be removed from the belt within...approximately 1/2 an hour to avoid obstruction. Mr.Fat crossed the customs, couldn't find his bags cos they were out of the belt at the other end of the room and threw a big fuss when the tour group left without him. We waited for an hour and a half.


D' Bridge

We stayed at Imperial Hotel along Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.

The room was HUGE (take note: Hong Kong standard)! Managed to take in Daddy, Mommy, all our bags, a pretty decent tv, 2 beds, a toilet and other necessary items. Best thing of all, we could still walk around freely. :) *not kidding. damn big d considered*

Left immediately to Sheung Wan. Sunny was already waiting for me at the lobby.

Had my brunch at 3.30pm @ Macau Char Chan Teng. Fussili in Borsche with chunks of beef. YUMS.

Met Clayton Cheung at the Sheung Wan station at approximately 4.30pm.

My bad. Did not memorize lyrics.
Studio was small. But comfortable. And smelled of Lavender.

Sunny Wong Tze Yeung. You is best.

Don't remember how long we stayed. Not long.
2 songs.
One helluva memory.

And it's not gonna stop there. Say all you want.


Left for Admiralty.
Hiked the way up to Central. God knows why. But it was fun walking and yakking together. Took the Ding Ding Tram to Causeway Bay's Tai Hing for a plate of Siu Mae (Char Siew and...erm...see lupa d. Dammit but it tasted good. Oh wait Siu Yuk I think).

Walked down Tai Koo. No idea how we ended up there. But kept walking. Took the MTR back to TST. Went to Avenue of Stars because I swore if I had the money I'd buy the piece of land and build my home there.

Neh kidding. I'd just buy one on The Peak. Thank you.

Courtesy of photographer Sunny Wong.
Dog tired face.

No touchups done. It turned out liddat.
Isn't she a beauty.

Imperial Hotel is almost right behind The Peninsula.
So darn convenient I know...

Went to I-Square for a walk cos it's new.
Got conned HKD6, buying a bottle of Vitamin Water from Starbucks. To whoever's going, Starbucks = HKD22...any other place = HKD16.

Dragged ourselves back to the hotel. Sunny went home.
Had Chut Chin Yat Ding for supper and bunked.


  1. Pictures of the 'yeng' producer and upload your demo please before I do it on my FB! hmph! :p

  2. i miss flying and traveling =)

  3. lynnie - oh pictures yes. DEMO NO! ROFL!!! dun u do it ar! later semua orang nak jadi fans saya. ROFL! okok kidding shush!

    ken - u've almost travelled round the globe

  4. eh! U've had flight meals b4 5years ago!!! I woke u up, u sapu everything,then went bck to sleep. Hehe

    WAT DID I EAT?!?!? WAHAHAHAHA omg historical moment no pic ar?! LOLOLOL

  6. my condition is similar to yours. i need those pills too when i board on a plane. my condition is getting from bad to worst. the nearest flight was to langkawi and it was hell of a torture. you take sleeping pills?

    who is this sunny and clayton? and what about the studio?

  7. oh i dun need to wan. jst that mentally i think i need. it's all in the mind. hahahaha but den everywhere i go oso i tido wan la.

  8. so good you can tido in the plane. and it is indeed a torture cause i cannot sleep in a moving object (plane, car, bus, train and whatever shits are moving) and IMAGINE THE ALMOST 12 HOURS FLIGHT FROM MARAISIA TO JERMENI >.< can die wei!!!