Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Joy of Being an Adult...You Say

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Amy Macdonald, A Curious Thing

When I can be materially ignorant and oblivious to certain happenings about the revolving world, certain circumstances that involve people I love can kill me entirely.

Worst when I'm not supposed to be aware of it and...that generally means I have no control and no idea how nature is gonna take its course with things like this.

I'm probably skeptical too's the weekend and I have a pretty much unoccupied mind.

While other days would allow it to roam freely into the finest forests where colourful tea parties are held or having to overlook the sunset sipping fruit tea at the end of the rainbow with the pixies, a couple days of this week have been pretty much a pain to endure especially when the tension drowns in.

Curiosity stinks.

I don't even need to stumble upon the commotion. I don't need to witness it. It's scares me enough.

So all I'm saying is...

You adults ar, got problems settle it face to face can?! Accumulating it for barter system in the near future when the exchange rate increases izzit?! So many times telling you to voice out whenever things are not right. Never learn! Never to hide anything from anyone within the family. Never listen! To talk things out when situation's not good. Never bother!

Now the kids are worried!


Waste my time.


To those that did not get drool over the Bachelors last Friday, check out the video and...try not to scream in the office la okay if you spot anyone *coughs* Shirley *coughs*

It's a bit dark though.


Day 2:


Daddy said the name'

No sign of the eggs or chirping. Unless I shift Suzie I think.
But I believe the bouncers are watching somewhere faraway and will peck my eyes out if I touch it.

General knowledge of the day: Cuckoos usually don't build nests. They live in a clock.

No jokes. Daddy said that.
They're called Brood Parasites.


  1. aah the joys of being an adult. responsibilities, money, commitments, etc etc. jangan worry ya, im sure everything will turn out ok *hug hug*

    and woohoo, another video of the CLEO Wonderboys!! ;)

  2. WONDERBOYS. ROFL!! I still can't get over the fact that they had socks on. idea why. LOL

  3. they did?? oh ya. would have them remove the socks & throw into the crowd but i dont think the girls would be crazy enough to want to grab it. nyahahahaha