Sunday, May 23, 2010

It's Not Just Any May

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5 years back, May was fantastic.

5 years later in 2010, May became phenomenal.

I walked a year's distance within a couple days.

Need I mention that?

And I had enough fun to last me a few years.


Before getting back to reality and...mundanity...

Lemme just laze my Sunday away imagining myself still walking on the grounds of the little island, wrapped amongst the many high-rise façades of the breathtaking city.

Oh yes, before I forget...

I miss this bitch so much.


  1. that's all in this post??? there should be much more!! u should put the demo up! then sue the singer next time that sings it !

    and where are all the fun of disney? moreee moreeeeee :P

  2. aiks chill chill!!!
    need to sort out pictures ar! soooooo many wahhaha! separating dem according to days! one day per post! GENG!

  3. shit...shud b one post per day. MUAHAHAHAH

  4. what did you buy from H&M? bikini?!?! wahahaha...

  5. ngiahahaha! not for u to see!!!

  6. Yes!! Demo demo demo please!

  7. KEEP IT TO URSELF! copyrights reserved chia sue lynn! ROFL

  8. why not for me to see??

    but honestly, did you find anything you like from H&M? the clothes in H&M germany so tak cantik one, at least not my taste >.<

  9. jin - wanna c u...REAL SOON.

    pauly - ok la very summer-ish now. not much time to look thru but if stay for a while more confirm i buy a lot. or rather if i had a nice body, i'd buy the whole shop. ROFL

  10. wah...luckily you had not much time. otherwise i'll be seeing you all the time in H&M germany. ROFL!!