Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Oh well if you've been following the past few posts, you'd know the amount of time I spent on my hair, ranting and complaining how I've been wanting it long but still continue snipping it, just for the fun of it.

I've always been wanting to do this post, just to keep track of all the styles that I had done.

Verdict: I never really am able to maintain the same cut for more than a year. Probably 6 months. Wait...some even shorter.

So well, let's skip the schooling period.
Always had short hair. So short it's spiky. And wet (cos I didn't know how to use wax -.-). Until I turned 17. Cos started to fatt hiao.

Oh but even with short hair and monkey face, I had my share of fans.
Go away don't be jealous.

Form 5.
Wasn't thinner back then it's the angle. But hair was growing longer.

Uni. First year. Most comments were like...'Omg my Pei Xzan so girly d'.
I am a girl if you're still wondering yah.

Then butt got itchy. Chopped it all off.
I believe something triggered it. Must be some random artiste that had really cool hairstyle.
Didn't look cool on me. -.-

Then it got worst.
So did my weight. Walao damn 7 fugry can? Go Sunway Lagoon summore lucky no one recognized me or else I probably wouldn't be hired now.

So due to the itchiness of the butt spiralling outta control, MY NIGHTMARE BEGAN.

Laughing-stock. Garnered most nicknames and I believe most lecturers remembered me and I got all my posts back then because of this hair.
It's called the Cibai Head.

Nightmare DID NOT end there.
As you can see in the picture above with Mr.Einstein there, I went to HK in that hair.

The tour guide announced as we got off the plane: "Ok everyone gather! I won't be holding a flag ok everyone just watch out for her head *pointing at my mane*". -.-"

Apparently we were 5 minutes behind Daniel Wu's flight. He walked off right after we got outta customs. THANK GOD!

There see. Damn sexy. Wear cute tees liddat summore.

T-shirt from Bangkok courtesy of Miss Lynnie. Not your fault babe. It's just my face.


2 heads on each side combined, you get 1 Peanut head.
O.O. I must have been possessed.

Pictures like this...are priceless.

And then somehow, I gained my senses back and decided to straighten it risking losing all my hair because the stylist told me: It'll be so dry it'll just turn brittle and break ok.

Fuck you la cibai. Just straighten it and I'm not coming back.

Straighten d...not so fat.
It's all the hair.

And I don't remember how long it took, my hair grew long.
Really long.

And I became a blonde.

Don't remember how it feels anymore to have that hair.

Oh yeah...feels like a bimbo.

21st Birthday Bash.
Super long.
Super blonde.
Super dry.

Nat's wedding. Done @ A Cut Above, Pavillion.
Super expensive.
Super painfoo.
Loved it though.

And then I decided to be kawaii.

And did some fringe.
Bad idea. Don't look cute.

So It went long all over again and dyed it red due to some reasons.

But I miss him.

Oh and after that I decided to bring out the emo-rocker side of me.
And went goth-black.

I think I went black also because my hair was practically dead.
And the only way to salvage (camouflage) is to make the colour darker.

So the stylist said...'Chop it la. Certified d'.
And so I did. When I joined Proximity.

It was supposed to be a Bob. But knowing me, I never bothered to do anything and it became crap. (Sid was still...quite slim. HAH!!)

Even shorter.
Not many pictures on that. Had this up because Drew looks fantabulous.

Hahhh...stewardess will so fall for you, darling.

And then I went crazy.
And am still crazy.

Because I decided to chop it all off.

Really short.
Uber short.

So short.
I couldnt' stop myself.
And it maneuvered outta control again.

Best thing is, I'm going to HK again.

At least I won't be pole position again.
*lower lips tremble*


  1. haha.. girls can have more hairstyles.. but for guys.. quite limited la =P

  2. I like your long bimbo blonde hair on you!

  3. i was shaking my head and laughing while reading your post. and i guess you know why....

    honestly, which style you like the most? i like the recent short hair before you look like Ron Ng XD

  4. hahaha "I won't be holding a flag ok everyone just watch out for her head *pointing at my mane*" so farneee!!

    dun go simple jack la. the one b4 simple jack just nice. look like a person. ROFL!!

  5. munkie- kan?? sexy kannnn...but then it was like having hay for hair hokay...damn dry.

    ken- still can vary u, shorter, shortest. rofl! OR...LONG. MULLET. WOOT!

    pauly- i...actually like long hair la but makes me look even older. dahlah muka maciam 30 lebih. or 40. i know u like my cibai hair. TEEHEE

    kh -i nvr style oni ok. /facepalm

  6. babe, I love your long blonde hair most. :) 2nd would be the one with you in purple. Please delete and trash all photos before that. haha

  7. I KNOW's red babe not purple hmph.
    Oh well at least when I'm old and saggy with barely any hair left I can look back and say...'Geez I've had shit hair!'


  8. i suka the short hair before it turned into dear ol' ron. you look younger in that hairstyle. =)

  9. hahaha...that was too short and too blonde for my current company. if not i wont be dear ol' ron. ;)


    SO THE ROFL!! i will do a post like this too! LOL i had my fair share of not-so-glamorous haircuts hahahahhaha

    i rike your hair in the 2nd last gambar, grow it back okie

  11. your cibai hair? mean CIBAI hair or what? ROFL!!

    hahaha...nolar....i mean the one before you become the good ol' ron la....

  12. babichen- POST URS! I WANAN C! from ur baby times. WAHHAHA

    pauly - my hair now longer d. lagi ugly. FUH