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Cure to Blues

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It's Sunday.

And obviously it's Monday tomorrow. Hence the blues and emo-ness sipping in bit by bit.

Best time ever to organize the HK pix. They'll ward off all evil. HAH!
While going through the pix, I had little captions running through my mind. It occurred to me that this post should be submitted to Discover Hong Kong to promote tourism on behalf.


Day 2:

Wakeup call: 6.45am
1st destination: Golden Bauhinia Square


I should've stayed in to get more sleep but oh well...

Peanut, Daddy, Mommy...

Click to see my worn-out-sock face. Got stares from grannies who were having their ritual morning walk by the shore.

Sorry la Gung Gung Po Po. No time to wax my hair.

IFC, for Linda Chin...and Jared Tan.

Sorry maciam leaning tower.

Rushed off for breakfast at Causeway Bay. Had the name of the restaurant in my phone but I stupidly deleted it. But boy...'twas awesome.

We stopped at Repulse Bay. Stepped onto the beach and got bitten by...god knows what. Damn. Fucking. Itchy.


Okla different god there. But I think it's the same spot. They probably shifted the Laughing Buddha and placed Kuan Yin there.

Oh and that's...not Nat. Teehee.

Yuet Lou Yeh Yeh, I want hot boyfriend. I don't mind Wes Chan. Mm goi saai.

Drove back out to Aberdeen. Went on the same boat ride. It was drizzling by then.

Swear I didn't know Daddy was taking this picture. Damn fugry post but have to cos the guide was a typical HKer that was blady foul-mouthed.

Told us history about the floating village and how the Brits left them in despair when HK was handed over to China in 1997.

Quote Mr.Fisherman: 'Lei baan Ying Gwok lou jing yat PK lei ga!!'...if you don't understand, he basically said the Brits are bastards. ROFL

And he looks like a wax figure beside Mommy. Madame Tussauds inspired.

Self-reminder: Must bring family in there one day. MUST.

Went to a temple after that. Super boring don't remember taking any pictures. Then headed for Ocean Park.

My first trip there.

Whoever's planning a trip there, be sure to check out the weather forecast before you head up. And no worries it's HK which means their forecast is not by the Malaysian Meteorological Department. They're accurate.

Why you ask...*shakes head*

It started off pretty promisingly. Sky was clear. Wind was cool. Sun was shy.

Even the lunch was good.
Beef brisket rice and Pork Knuckles Noodles. I think it was HKD120. -.-"

The place is HUGEEEEEEEEEEEE. Dry, wet, high, low. Name it get it. But neh didn't go for the rides. Asked Daddy if he was interested and he shot me a dagger stare. ROFL

AH BOU!!! Damn fat. The Pandas were all in great condition. Enormous area for them to run about and...the room was damn fucking cold.

Right beside the Panda house was an aquarium. That stored weird-ass fishies.

Like this fella over here.
So tempted to reach for it, burst the...cheeks and see if it'll fly off like a balloon.


Good thing about HK. They have trains to everywhere. Even within the park!!! We needn't hike up to the rides. They had a train service that was effin' cool that slices through the mountains. But beware folks. The mainland people swarms the track. Make sure you're not pushed off the rails.

Daddy spent 15minutes just snapping pictures of the scenery. Clouds came and turned ugly...

As we were running off for shelter before the sky tore apart, a few other thousands of people were standing at open area, discussing how pretty the clouds were and started snapping away.

There were kids.

There was lightning.

Thunder soon followed.

5 minutes later, it poured. God bless the souls.

Waited about 1/2 an hour for the rain to clear.

Walked out to catch the bus down to Admiralty. And while waiting, it poured again.


It was cold. Stood under a small hut for shelter, couldn't be part of the queue for the bus because we neither had a raincoat nor an umbrella. Called cabbies but...peak hour...all gone.


Poor new sandals.
All wet knees down. Cold. Not local. Friends have no cars. The only time the boyfriend would come in handy.

Daddy ran back in to get us raincoats.

I know right.

Thank god for efficient systems. Got a ride in less than 10-minutes.
Nearly froze in the bus. Dead worried I would have pulmonery-edema (I blame movies)...then I slept.

Woke up, got us tickets from Admiralty back to TST. Walked us back from the station to the hotel.


Bathed. Got warm. Went out for hotpot.

Yau Gwat Hey, Along Humphrey's Avenue.
A few streets down Chungking Mansions.

Double thumbs-up.
HKD370. -.-"""""""

Fish noodles that we have here.
Squeeze them yourself there.



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