Friday, May 28, 2010

The First Ever

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For the past 2 weeks, I only managed to spend 2 nights at home.
Not fun.

Therefore, this comes from the bottom of my heart.

Attended my first ever team-building session.

~ So what I got from it you ask? Physically...

1) A few cuts and bruises and loads of mosquito bites. The place breeds Aedes.

2) A 1/4 tan. Not hot enough for someone *coughs* Babi evil never tell me earlier *coughs*

3) A few nice colleagues and a whole lot of other funny ones which I don't think I'd remember their faces when the week begins but...they're nice.

4) Dry lips and a soarthroat

~ And this was what I managed to analyze. By watching the ones up there.

1) Life is unfair. True. But don't cheat. Shame on you.

2) Shit happens. Learn to accept it. Don't put the blame on other people. Especially the ones that offered a helping hand.

3) First impression is important. Stay nice. Stay approachable. Stay down to earth.

4) Last impression is equally important. Say thank you. Or say Please.

5) Take pride of your losses. Been there. Done that. Gain something. Win? Cheer. Lose? Clap. Get jeered? Laugh along. Don't defend.

6) People are generally not interested in knowing your philosophy behind the reason that led to your losses. You lost. Suck up and learn why.

7) Quote trainer: People change if there's a value for them to change. If they see the value, give them time. It doesn't take a day.

8) That being said, stop biting on the past!! If there's value, it will happen!

9) Learn to let go

10) THERE IS ALWAYS A KIASU IN EVERYONEEEEE (Ok I admit. I kiasu sial wan)

Kesimpulannya, it was a good training. But if this was for building leadership skills, it failed miserably.

All else wise, it was fun.

And best if it only happens once in say...10 years.



Hong Kong - Day TWO

And for now,


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