Saturday, May 1, 2010

This I call...Weekend

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Excluding the news I received last night.
Received a text from Evan while I was yamcha-ing after the Bachelor's event.
Zouk was raided.

Why on earth would anyone choose to raid on Labour's day, right after an annual, entertaining and not to mention...healthy event where half the world gather to just unwind after a whole freaking week of work?

No do these things work? Like...
How does setting up a roadblock in the morning at 8am when everyone is heading to work or at 8pm where everyone has just left work help in curbing...ANYTHING at all? What are you looking for? Drivers that aren't awake enough to drive to work? Trying to fine an exhausted working class hero as part of your so called OP strategy to minimize road accidents? Then the jam will backlog all the way from KL to Ipoh.

Putting that aside, just what were you also looking for, crashing an initially fun-filled party and conveniently turning it into a spine chilling nightmare for every freaking one?

No, I wasn't there. Lucky enough to have escaped earlier.
But I'm pretty sure most of the ones caught yesterday would have slashed Zouk off their list. And it isn't even the club's fault. So where do you expect us to go? Merdeka Stadium zit...

Go la sapu all the friggin' mamak stalls by the road selling lousy nasi lemak and sotong bakar! KNN.

You're not only ruining nightlife. You're ruining the system.
And you're wondering why we're all spiraling down.

BTW, The Bachelor's event was fun.

Pictures up later la. Dunno where they are also...


Putting the rant aside, which basically has nothing to do with me but freaked me out that some of the friends and ex-colleagues were caught there, the first half of the weekend was fantabulous.

I think the plan to watch Ip Man 2 was made waaaaay before it was even scheduled to be aired. So Linda efficiently made her bookings and we were out by noon. Damn 7 early. Saturday okay excuse moi.

It's a very Wilson Yip movie. Brutal. Fast. Packed with action. Put aside the storyline this time around. You'd probably confuse it for Huo Yuan Jia.

Okay damn lame to say but it's movies like this that unite the Chinese and keeps us grounded (the part about pride could be more subtle though). And so to all the wannabes, take pride of your skin colour. Because...Donnie Yen has it too.

Kidding. XD

It's a 108-minute of pure entertainment. You don't get many people Sammo Hung's size that can still jump 2m off the ground and land without cracking a tile. A sight to behold.

Seriously, anyone who's not watched the first, go get your DVD like NOW and watch it. Then, book the tickets, 2 weeks prior because crazy asses like me will be returning for the second and probably the third time. It's a tough fight for tickets there. RAWR!!!

Went to South Sea for crabs again. Considering the family does not trust my gourmet tongue, I shall indulge with some others that will.

For 2, we had ONE Sri Lankan crab. *falls off chair*

We also had seaweed soup, vege, and Lala. Oh they ran out of yummy Coconut Jelly *le sigh* so we had something else. No idea what it's called anymore but it was good too.

Damage = RM113.

Tomorrow, eat toilet tissue.

Eat off toilet bowl also worth it la dammit.
I wanted to take a picture of the bigger piece to show just how humongous it was. Then ended up eating it and Linda had to eat the smaller. HAHA. Sorry la you slow.

If you're depending on the Peanutxz map, she'd say, head to the Subang airport and go straight down. Follow the hugeass South Sea billboards and you'll reach. If you're going by Garmin, search Southern Sea Restaurant under the Seafood category.

Oh anyone that goes, go check out the toilet. Damn ons. Smells like lemon grass too. SUKA.


It's been a while since we had a cuckoo in the house.

THE MAMA WENT INTO LABOUR ON LABOUR'S DAY!!! ~ quote Daddy la who else would say lame things liddat.

I wanted to name her. But heck I'd need to name the boyfriends (yes, she has 2 male bouncers to take care of her during her confinement O.o) then the kids...Mafan. I'll just call her Cuckoo and Boyfriend A and B la.

Cuckoo is...incubating her eggs. Flowers all dying but...neh it doesn't matter. Janji the eggs hatch and birds fly well. No more Max around. They should be safe.

Boyfriend dunno A or B setting up the nest.
DAMN KESIAN OKAY. Only 1 leaf/grass at a go...while the Cuckoo waits.

Shall take pictures everyday.
Pictures taken with Mommy's Nikon Coolpix s570.
So much better than the old junk. The hand-me-down descended to me for casual use.
I can draw better than the pictures snapped okay.

Ok movie time. I really need to keep the posts shorter.
And I need to blog about my Ostrich Ride. HAH.


  1. ooooo crabbb..there goes the what diet and what healthy less salt less colesterol bla bla bla..

  2. Try not being too jealous ok? It's seafood so the diet's still good. Cholesterol level's fine. BP was 110/80 last week. Shouldn't have fluctuated too much so I'm guilt free!! YAY! You go your Old Town la. MUAHAHAHA

  3. i'm properly referred to as Linda and not the Monkey.. woohoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. got another monkey. mst be linda d from now. rofl

  5. eeee, thanks for the shoutout PX!! muacks muacks muacks! And yes, am awaiting the pictures, ngek ngek ngek ;)

    and yeah, am always amazed at how Sammo can move. he is so awesome (and kinda hot too in a way)!!!!! hot sexy donnie yen too!

  6. oh pix are with linda. she'd prolly only upload year. my graduation pix are still with her. dat will gip u a rough idea rite? ROFL!