Monday, May 10, 2010

The Art of Sharing

I don't only share my bad habits like pouting and cheek poking or saying random stuff like...BO-DOH.

I also share my love for fairies and Barbies.

It's sooooo much better than Barney!!!!
And it'll stop her from running and banging things just like what would normally happen to me.

And she's also sharing the love.
She made Luke sit with her and...made sure his head was faced towards the screen.

Randomly, an ulcer on the lingual frenulum is...GAH.
And no, nothing to do with anything related to orogenital or whatever that's running across your mind now.

I just hope the glands are not stuck.
Or if they are, please allow Listerine or salt water to work.
And please don't affect any other parts...pleaseeee...begging...on my knees...down to my head...on fours...flat...PLEASEEE...


  1. when she grows up, she should watch Barney from HIMYM =P

  2. ROFL! the aunt here is doing that on behalf nowww...;)

  3. Either that, or your should gradually prepare her for Happy Tree Friends!