Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hello Bangkok!!

finally, i'm able to say this after almost everyone around me has.
jgn jeres!!! teehee!!!
but i'm slightly sad that natnat can't go. *looks out of the window into the empty lands*
peanut(totally love the name lindachin...will use it from now can?! WAHAHA) will b leaving on tuesday at 1845 and returning on saturday...time unknown.
so pls place ur orders if u wan anything or else the whole new case would only b filled with my stuff, my stuff, and my stuf...and a little of natnat and princess' stuff. YAY!!!

so apparently i forgot about editing pictures from tioman. :D
randomly, i watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again and still love it like giler babi and have been dreaming to have Dominoes and beer to TV since dunno when. so fattening. even the movie is about chocolates.
Indiana Jones is cool...minus the ending that is totally crappy...i gip 70%. 60% goes to shia lebeouf. WHOO HOO!!!

and i saw this ad that totally left me speechless.

sexy??? lucky thing...the tummy is well hidden.
cu peeps in approximately a week.
be good yah!!

p.s- hero...if you're gone by that time...remember to miss me k. :D


Thursday, May 22, 2008

the end is a new beginning

nothing emotional...not totally.
we sang our hearts out...ate our hearts out...and screamed our hearts out.
i sincerely believe that we will still keep in touch.
even if not face to face...there's still the power of digital communication.

it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be...i wasn't really looking forward to the bidding farewell part but then it came and it was sweet enough to make me realize that we're all always gonna be a part of each other. i hope...please tell me u all feel the same oso okay.

all the ones that have been truely important to me throughout my 4 years of myUniversity life...good and bad tak kira. as long as they were a part of it.
where we grew together and sailed through all the shits and beauty together.
too bad lynnie's in sgpore...mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh

angang...i love you giler babi sial.
always and forever will okay.
will miss all the times where we bitch about almost everyone and anyone while tea-ing kat Delicious, u introducing and spoiling me with all sorts of beauty regimes and brands...and just for being there when i needed you to.
all the best in your future undertakings...with kit chai...with ur career...blah blah blah
i shall meet you in HK 1 day ok? won't set a specific date yet...but then confirm will. ;)

*px stones thinking of wat to write*

omfg i'm so gonna miss you lor...
can i cry? :(


on a lighter note, i got a msg at 11am this morning from mic.
'i can't believe that david cook won!'
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that doesn't really apply to all the seasons but then at least it did this year and but i was totally flabbergasted!! 12 million votes more is sumthing to be totally proud of.

i guess i'm overly-excited partly because i chose the correct david to fall for (and i can now laugh at those that went gaga over archie...WAHAHHA) but i do agree with comments about his pitchy-ness...and he totally screwed his finale. BUT...who cares!??!?!?! HE GRACED THROUGH THE 11 WEEKS!!! tak kira wan izzit u think? heh.
emo sial when watching. cry like sohai while he did. i love him la! i think simon loves him too.

know what's star quality? TAT'S STAR QUALITY!!!
he even had eyeliners on. omg...
is that ryan seacrest? no rite? his hair not so long but...damn gay lor.
budak kat tepi...ditch ur dad. u'll be the nxt josh groban...HAHAhHAa!

p.s- nigga. confirm i'll screw kao him if i got the chance. and no i wont share him with u.
p.p.s- tioman's pix and videos are all ready. but so many. takes lke 1 week to edit. later la. :D

Monday, May 19, 2008

super overduesss...

the earthquake aftermath is terribly disheartening.
my parents somehow are glued to cctv9 that provides immediate updates of the situation and they repeats gazillion times shots of locals wailing over the loss of their loved ones.
and there's nothing we can do over here.
*shakes head*

on a happier note, i feel that i'm at least 3 tones darker.
but my skin is starting to peel and the bites are as itchy as ever.
the pictures and videos are not with me yet so...underwater pix shall oni be posted later la.

i don't remember how it happened but while the parents were away for concert, the monkey just came with her celica and then we zoomed off to the attic for jazz night.

The Attic- 17/5/2008

poser hor...i know. hoho! if only it's my car.

lynnie joined us...can't remember why also but then i just called her and there she was...with her 2 cousins!!! WEEE!!!

yinng, robin from UK, lynnie, erm...sorry babe i forgot his name!!!, neenee who's back in boston d sigh, px, monkey


again apparently...

pug had to sit on the floor bside me cos he's dirty.
and sleeping on a water bed is worst compared to taking a ferry. MEHHH!!!

mother's day was good.
came home approximately at 2 the following day and started cooking mommy dinner. HOW SWEETTTT...

nat made bak kut teh...and honeydew birdsnest.
see the thing mommy's eating from? fucking mahiao ok. dun pray pray.
she took the gist and i whacked the fruit.
it actually tastes better if u jst steam the fruit until it goes all soft, mushy and juicy...AhhhhAHhh...
i made sum self-invented recipe chicken fillet sumthing sumthing sumthing. and sum vege. no they did not finish it. hmph


SHALL BE DAVID COOK'S NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i stopped watching AI after Daughtry was voted out in season 5.
and then there came another, who looks better, sounds firmer and fucking can rock and sing ballads so well.
billie jean alone orgasm sial d.
althou he's a bit chu yuk...but then blady je whack kao the rest.
i wanna vote. FENNY HELP ME VOTE PLSSSS!!!

p.s- he reminds me a bit of eliphun dunno why. :S

Saturday, May 17, 2008


i had the bestest sunshine, beach and liquor holiday.
i swam among the colorful fishes, i sunbathed and i drank on the fucking beach.
everyone said i failed in becoming ah neh neh...
*px is depressed*

it takes a load of energy to move my arms now.
there are insect bites everywhre.
my hair's so dry it can be braided by jst clamping it together.
my right arm's bruised.
my shoulders are burnt

but i will never ever forget the blady two days.

i miss everyone giler babi sial.
do u all miss me toooo???

p.s- i won't be swimming for the next two days
p.p.s- i can't sit still now cos i feel as if i'm floating on water...
p.p.p.s- my lips are still salty and dry
p.p.p.p.s- it's not fun being Ariel. i almost became salted px
p.p.p.p.p.s- my shades fell behind...i think sum mermaids added it to their collection d.

underwater pix not with me yet...later la...tido.

Monday, May 12, 2008


i was just telling ivyleongsookyee a few weeks back we were saying in the midst of our finals how nice it would be if we could get our asses to tioman the following day.

and in a couple of hours, i'll be leaving for the island...OMGGG!!!!!!

i wanted it to come...but now that it's here i wished i could still look forward to it...cos after returning it means all back to reality...

i'll take 1000 pix until the memory of my camera goes cuckooo! yay!!! and i'm gonna buy nicenice fisherman hat...when i'm not suntanning to be an ah neh neh...

i have not packed...i'm gonna have to delay watching gossip girl and i wont' get internet until...saturday? holy moly...

it's a sunrise pic okay...damn cantik.
we planned to wakeup early to watch the sunrise in tioman.
AS IF....

p.s- keep that cheque away...or else i'm gonna tear it. i don't need it.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

the curse has been lifted


mesti proud sikit showoff.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

it's done? oh...i see's done...
i've completed my university...and it's been two days...already.
it should be...JUST two days...but circumstances altered the statement. very very vulnerable topic. to those who wished that university life should end earlier...god bless you. unless you are damn lucky like fuck can do what you like and head the direction u want to...

dun spoil my post la! happy happy bit!
final paper was ok. i sat on a wrong seat...had to change...dropped all my stuff on the way, left my eraser behind and was flushing by the time i the page Q.1,2,3 dunno how to do. mehhhhhhhh...thank god i composed myself in time and completed it. AND I PASSED MY ETHICS!!! WHOO HOO!!! dun care about grades d. pass already damn lucky. yay!!!

i know i shall be taking pix with those i wouldn't see anymore. but then sumhow i din have the chance to or they disappeared too quickly.

Last paper @ University Tunku Abdul Rahman - 6/5/08

Randomness before the foyer

thumbeekoooo*bambee :D


chongsooyin@first floor

the hoodie gang minus stacy dunno go where d...
thanx for all the sky scraping assignment marks. u saved my Uni assignment days. MWAH!

2nd floor toilet. i prefer the blue wan lor. this wan damn eerie.

stairs...the chair is for the auntie that cleans the toilet.

hopefully we'll keep in touch forever k.
erm...sting i Dunno la...randomly standing there so not nice if dun ask her to snap along. teehee!

and then we had nowhere to head cos there weren't any plans for the nite as everyone was super tak cukup tido sial. so went to Pick N Brew for lunch. just in case u dunno whre it is, it's near wongkok@1u. walk straight right until the end from wongkok. dun look back. there is a road in front wan. try the carbonara and marinara. SO GOOODSSSS.

post-exam disorder

it wont be us if there wasn't a party right after kan...leaving it one day later was weird enough. but thank god. if not where got energy to mambo so long. :D...BUT THEN BUT THEN, i slept at 1am on the day b4, woke at 9am++ and then drove to the club for a swim. whack 20 laps then set lunch with daddy before driving back to pj again. proud of me or not people? WHOO HOO!!

Mambo@Velvet, Zouk

posing-mosing all...tak retro pun! tapi cantik kan...:D

si lambat retro sial...lke kuih lapis la datin! :D

at that moment, px thinks: 'wah the bed is so welcoming'

zee, lynnie, datin, thumbee, babi, px, angang, meow

lupa lukis muka datin. sorry morry. who ask u to be late. :D

lynnie, px, huangDAming/mr.photographer.
damn nice lor...bouncer quality sial, snapped pix of us throughout the nite and we could hang our bags and clutches on him. nxt round mst call him oso.

px and her babe!!!

babi, baoyue, px, lynnie, junesi with new hairdo!!! weee!

poor thing my finger lor two fuckers

lynnie and px again...MWAH!!

the gang at 3am...with faizal and tahlah ape nama budak yang nampak cun in the darkness

i came back and had a nice chat with nat about the future...i know exactly where u are coming from. no worries. jst that u know what i can't stand about the way they put things and i promise i'll do it when i'm supposed to...asap. ;)

then, to chill, i went swimming again.

px is proud sial of herself...

but then there was no sun.

so px couldn't become ah neh neh. chieh

Sunday, May 4, 2008


it's 3.18am...
the final paper would be approximately a day away...
i wouldn't say that it marks the first breathe of fresh air that i'll kiss...cos nothing will be as free as the life i'm having now or rather the last 4 years i've had...
but then it's a new chapter ahead. :S
it has not sunk in yet anyway so anyone who sees me stop mentioning that it's gonna be over...LET ME LIVE IN DENIAL AT LEAST UNTIL AFTER BANGKOK CAN OR NOT?!?!?!

Bee Bee Qew was goods...our precious monkey did a lot...even marinade-d the chic and sliced up all the greens for us to grill. cleaned up everything, wiped the tables and packed the trash. so touching la monkey. can cry...WAHAHAHA
but the best was still the beef. cos it was ready-made. AND THE MARSHMALLOWS!!! OMFG!!!!
too bad i had class the following day or else we'd camp by the palm trees of fenny's and then get carried away by mosquitoes...FUN OSO WERT KAN?!?!!

pix no need paper coming la malas...all on facebook d so whoever who wants to see just go to my page k. they're all flooded with comments. heh!

i swear to god if i had a middle name before my surname, it'll be marshmallow.
For Example: J Marshmallow Leong.


the last time we made a trip to Eastin for fun was.............
dunno la...
damn long d...
so yesterday was so so so so so so goods. cos it's exam time and i'm never gonna feel guilty eating like a mutha fucking pig.
after exam oni cry.

i've almost overshadowed daddy. mehhhH!

yalor yalor i oso hair looks healthier liddat.

i thought of dyeing my hair before my tioman trip. but lynn said it'll break into pieces and thumbee said dark hair not so money.

but daddy said gold hair no1 will hire me.
fits the purpose.
ok study.
everyone wish me luck again.

hopefully the last ever time my room will be piled with notes.

p.s- LOOK WHO HAS A NEW BLOG?!?!?!?! awwwwwwwww...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

mid-exam stress

makes the intensity for shopping swell like fuck.
i had the motivation to just drive to damansara perdana after exam with lynn and datin, waited for 1/2 an hour for the owner to come back from god knows where so that we can get hold of the fabrics hanging invitingly behind the glass door. it was 45 degrees then i guess. and as i was feeling totally contented for the 2 cheap pieces i found with 1 fucking big belt i almost got at rm159 at zara but it's rm10.50 at cats whiskers *kembang*, the 2 tops were were not i had to resort to getting oni one. mehhhh...the shoes are all going at rm15 so anyone who wants pretty looking heels can go visit before they shift.

damn shallow posting about my shopping experience. but it's all nenekivy's fault cos she said there's a warehouse sale in corus hotel. everything going off at less than rm50. *runs off to tell mommy*...makes me wanna shop even more. i haven't been able to play dressup for the past whole month due to finals. OH! TMR GOT BARBEQUE!!! can i wear the new long coverup or the knitted off shoulder? ...

i'll just wear my pyjamas.


so accurate hor...:D

i love fb.