Thursday, May 22, 2008

the end is a new beginning

nothing emotional...not totally.
we sang our hearts out...ate our hearts out...and screamed our hearts out.
i sincerely believe that we will still keep in touch.
even if not face to face...there's still the power of digital communication.

it wasn't as hard as i thought it would be...i wasn't really looking forward to the bidding farewell part but then it came and it was sweet enough to make me realize that we're all always gonna be a part of each other. i hope...please tell me u all feel the same oso okay.

all the ones that have been truely important to me throughout my 4 years of myUniversity life...good and bad tak kira. as long as they were a part of it.
where we grew together and sailed through all the shits and beauty together.
too bad lynnie's in sgpore...mehhhhhhhhhhhhhh

angang...i love you giler babi sial.
always and forever will okay.
will miss all the times where we bitch about almost everyone and anyone while tea-ing kat Delicious, u introducing and spoiling me with all sorts of beauty regimes and brands...and just for being there when i needed you to.
all the best in your future undertakings...with kit chai...with ur career...blah blah blah
i shall meet you in HK 1 day ok? won't set a specific date yet...but then confirm will. ;)

*px stones thinking of wat to write*

omfg i'm so gonna miss you lor...
can i cry? :(


on a lighter note, i got a msg at 11am this morning from mic.
'i can't believe that david cook won!'
HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
that doesn't really apply to all the seasons but then at least it did this year and but i was totally flabbergasted!! 12 million votes more is sumthing to be totally proud of.

i guess i'm overly-excited partly because i chose the correct david to fall for (and i can now laugh at those that went gaga over archie...WAHAHHA) but i do agree with comments about his pitchy-ness...and he totally screwed his finale. BUT...who cares!??!?!?! HE GRACED THROUGH THE 11 WEEKS!!! tak kira wan izzit u think? heh.
emo sial when watching. cry like sohai while he did. i love him la! i think simon loves him too.

know what's star quality? TAT'S STAR QUALITY!!!
he even had eyeliners on. omg...
is that ryan seacrest? no rite? his hair not so long but...damn gay lor.
budak kat tepi...ditch ur dad. u'll be the nxt josh groban...HAHAhHAa!

p.s- nigga. confirm i'll screw kao him if i got the chance. and no i wont share him with u.
p.p.s- tioman's pix and videos are all ready. but so many. takes lke 1 week to edit. later la. :D

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