Monday, May 19, 2008

super overduesss...

the earthquake aftermath is terribly disheartening.
my parents somehow are glued to cctv9 that provides immediate updates of the situation and they repeats gazillion times shots of locals wailing over the loss of their loved ones.
and there's nothing we can do over here.
*shakes head*

on a happier note, i feel that i'm at least 3 tones darker.
but my skin is starting to peel and the bites are as itchy as ever.
the pictures and videos are not with me yet so...underwater pix shall oni be posted later la.

i don't remember how it happened but while the parents were away for concert, the monkey just came with her celica and then we zoomed off to the attic for jazz night.

The Attic- 17/5/2008

poser hor...i know. hoho! if only it's my car.

lynnie joined us...can't remember why also but then i just called her and there she was...with her 2 cousins!!! WEEE!!!

yinng, robin from UK, lynnie, erm...sorry babe i forgot his name!!!, neenee who's back in boston d sigh, px, monkey


again apparently...

pug had to sit on the floor bside me cos he's dirty.
and sleeping on a water bed is worst compared to taking a ferry. MEHHH!!!

mother's day was good.
came home approximately at 2 the following day and started cooking mommy dinner. HOW SWEETTTT...

nat made bak kut teh...and honeydew birdsnest.
see the thing mommy's eating from? fucking mahiao ok. dun pray pray.
she took the gist and i whacked the fruit.
it actually tastes better if u jst steam the fruit until it goes all soft, mushy and juicy...AhhhhAHhh...
i made sum self-invented recipe chicken fillet sumthing sumthing sumthing. and sum vege. no they did not finish it. hmph


SHALL BE DAVID COOK'S NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i stopped watching AI after Daughtry was voted out in season 5.
and then there came another, who looks better, sounds firmer and fucking can rock and sing ballads so well.
billie jean alone orgasm sial d.
althou he's a bit chu yuk...but then blady je whack kao the rest.
i wanna vote. FENNY HELP ME VOTE PLSSSS!!!

p.s- he reminds me a bit of eliphun dunno why. :S

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