Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hello Bangkok!!

finally, i'm able to say this after almost everyone around me has.
jgn jeres!!! teehee!!!
but i'm slightly sad that natnat can't go. *looks out of the window into the empty lands*
peanut(totally love the name lindachin...will use it from now can?! WAHAHA) will b leaving on tuesday at 1845 and returning on saturday...time unknown.
so pls place ur orders if u wan anything or else the whole new case would only b filled with my stuff, my stuff, and my stuf...and a little of natnat and princess' stuff. YAY!!!

so apparently i forgot about editing pictures from tioman. :D
randomly, i watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again and still love it like giler babi and have been dreaming to have Dominoes and beer to TV since dunno when. so fattening. even the movie is about chocolates.
Indiana Jones is cool...minus the ending that is totally crappy...i gip 70%. 60% goes to shia lebeouf. WHOO HOO!!!

and i saw this ad that totally left me speechless.

sexy??? lucky thing...the tummy is well hidden.
cu peeps in approximately a week.
be good yah!!

p.s- hero...if you're gone by that time...remember to miss me k. :D


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