Thursday, May 1, 2008

mid-exam stress

makes the intensity for shopping swell like fuck.
i had the motivation to just drive to damansara perdana after exam with lynn and datin, waited for 1/2 an hour for the owner to come back from god knows where so that we can get hold of the fabrics hanging invitingly behind the glass door. it was 45 degrees then i guess. and as i was feeling totally contented for the 2 cheap pieces i found with 1 fucking big belt i almost got at rm159 at zara but it's rm10.50 at cats whiskers *kembang*, the 2 tops were were not i had to resort to getting oni one. mehhhh...the shoes are all going at rm15 so anyone who wants pretty looking heels can go visit before they shift.

damn shallow posting about my shopping experience. but it's all nenekivy's fault cos she said there's a warehouse sale in corus hotel. everything going off at less than rm50. *runs off to tell mommy*...makes me wanna shop even more. i haven't been able to play dressup for the past whole month due to finals. OH! TMR GOT BARBEQUE!!! can i wear the new long coverup or the knitted off shoulder? ...

i'll just wear my pyjamas.


so accurate hor...:D

i love fb.

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