Sunday, April 27, 2008

Gasoline, FuckedUp Paper and Coconut Flower

this is super overdue but then i'm waiting for my hair to dry before i start studying again. speaking of studying, i completely screwed my ethics paper. most probably cos i dun have any ethics but then kan those without any will usually score sial? i shud get a double A+ wan lor. anyway, i didn't finish it and skipped a 10 mark question cos i was too the gelabahs. *stares out of the window into the empty lands vaguely*.

then thought i'd indulge a little by ordering sum warm sake to be shared with lynnie during lunch but then the sake was totally off...tasted like diluted ink off a whiteboard marker. mehhhhhhhh.

Gasoline - 19/4/2008

Just for the sake of makaning together. Cos fenny will be leaving soon...:(...
Next time dun wanna go there d!!! they played blady loud music and the irritating neighbours were at the same time blasting sum lala-fied songs out of their handphones that apparently had a really good system.

px* face smaller. HOHOHO!!

she knows we were taking this pic. confirm. don't deny. don't rebutt. not accepting!! :D

hello...there's water mark on my face. tsk

Coconut Flower - 26/4/08

It's a place in teluk gong, approximately 16km away from the north port. okay my geopraphy isn't that good either...i just overheard the family saying as we were on the way there for dinner. it's about an hours drive from kajang...and i felt as if i was in PD or the beachside restaurant we went to back during the last trip in Penang. they had little huts for families or groups that wanted more privacy (but then it's still in the open), with little yellow bulbs and very nice plants around (hence, the mosquitoes). but all was good...we were seated upstairs cos we never tot we'd need to prebook.

they had a hearty spread of seafood...and they aren't like those tiny mulnutrient ones u get around town. they were HUGE!!! oh mien...

yeah...just like those restaurants in chinese series where all of a sudden everyone just draws their swords and starts fighting.

mommy reminded me not to put my bag near the edge.
'what if sum1 jumps up?'

u see...really like mou hap peen. the 'dragon inn' type...

beehoon...cooked with lala...LALA OKAY!!! u oni get those cooked with pork here.

salted chicken. fucking good. the fingers are slightly disgusting thou. LOL!

juk tarn. watever it's called in english. it's so fat and juicy omg i wanna eat again. 1 blady juk tarn fills my whole mouth squeezing it's internal essence right down my throat. *faints*...those around here are flat, like a hungry leech. pfft.

2nd love of my life? TODDY!!! rm6 oni!!!! omg omg omg...i'm gonna plant a coconut tree at the back of my house just so that i can drink it everyday.

the preggers sexy sister and partially pregs bro-in-law. :D


i love seafood.
i'm gonna move nxt to the seaside where i can have seafood everyday.
minus the threat of tsunami.


the bodoh rat ate my oreo. GRRRRRRRRRRR
and i just heard the trap snapping. it should be in the cage rite?
should i go c?
wat if it took the sotong and successfully ran off before it was trapped?

exam's ending in about 2 weeks.
one hand...i wan it to end badly because i can't bare the subjects i'm about to sit for. on another, i'll miss the times where i need to stay up the whole day just to catchup and read.
*shakes head*
congratulations pilothero. must do well k.

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