Sunday, April 20, 2008


i told myself last monday...

'wweee i got 2 weeks to finish reading up all my notes. i must be a good girl and do it because this is the last exam before i graduate and leave my ass off utar'

one week gone...3 days...or rather finals.

i'm not even done with 1 subject.

sure get first class honors wan...!

seriously, everything on tv looks fucking good lor. even sum stupid malay drama about these few kids going for a camping kat sg. tekala but then 1/2way tayar pancit then out of nowhere a family screamed for help cos the anak kena gigit ular besar berwarna hitam (another shot showed this tiny dunno wat snake which was grey)...i was so bored got snake oso i continued watching. MEHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

and i'm stuck to the most atrocious series remaking the classic c'est la vie, mon cherie that only lke 2 weeks ago i swore i told everyone 'DUN WATCH COS DAMN IRRITATING WAN!'...
pre-exam stress...i find it damn nice now with the mostest hot china guy running around with his saxophone.


Wednesday paper i think still can handle...
Miss Pauline i praise u sial sial here u gip me an A can or not? we're of the same surname!!! might be distant relatives!!!

i think i better sleep...upload pix from weekend makan later.
sum1 wake me up before evening...terima kasih.

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