Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Would You?

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Mister, If I Am

Would you always come up with excuses to convince yourself that what you're doing is right despite the closest friends telling you that - it won't work. It's time to wake up?

Would you share something that made you feel bad just so you won't be the only miserable one around? Is that the reason why chain letters exists...and still circulating?

Would you be so occupied by being right you would surruptitiously bite someone from the back just so you'd be heard?

Dear sir,

I'm sorry you had a bad childhood (which I assume you had) and your thoughts can only be poured out under such circumstances. You probably do not have much chances to speak at home too and we forgive that you live in such infortune. With all hopes you're reading this, our hearts go out to you and your family...and your friends...probably your pets too and we want you to know that we do not appreciate anything that is triggered by your vocal chords.

Or to be exact...I DON't.

Use your talent.
I believe you have some.
What you may ask...


Yours truly,

*shakes head*

There is this technique in art called blind contour drawing where the artist's eyes are fixed to the model without looking down at the paper while sketching (supposingly in one continuos line but obviously I failed in doing so).

Whatever I have here, looks way better compared to his real-life figure.


I think I'm about to get myself addicted to this.

Multi-Grain k. Not original.
So nice I graced the rain just to get myself a bottle.

I finished one yesterday in 5 minutes, cos I thought they had brown rice in it. Gulped down just to have a taste of the grains. Didn't work so I shook the bottle like mad and until I licked it dry I realized they were merely bubbles. I need a new pair of spectacles.




P.S - Hero, I bought the Harem Pants. Will you disown me? XD. *hides*

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lay Off

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Paramore, Brand New Eyes

Definition for Sweating.Like.A.Pig aka SLAP.

If you're wondering, that's my back la okay.
And I don't workout naked I just lifted my shirt up cos I was amazed by the amount I can...excrete.

It's only been...


I was drained. Fuck.

I officially went on a diet (that lasted more than 2 days, LEMME HEAR U SAY WHOO!) a week back and my meals were mainly PACKED with greens, beans, yoghurt and...erm...liquid? Besides dinner. Mommy will practically fry me alive to make barrels of oil if I skipped or ate lesser.

I have no complains la okay cos like what the ex-colleagues used to say, I'm a cow. So it's good.

But laying off yummy food like the cookies stacked in the kitchen and brownies that I made (they taste good excuse moi) and many food is just...traumatizing la okay.

I think it's healthier to exercise and eat regular portions so...there.

*crickets chirping*

Ok I think this post is just an excuse just so I can eat fatty food...guilt free.

Give me the looks la...I'm not looking...NOT LOOKING.

And hopefully I can leave the office earlier then head to Bukit Jalil and get back into the swimming regime.

Boss, CAN? XD

Ok kidding. I can do it over weekends. (Calculations: 2 hours a day, accumulated, I'd need to swim 12 hours straight on Saturdays).

That's how I failed maths probably.

I wonder if Barsonic-ing, 2 weeks in a row did any good. NO DRINKING OKAY. Epitome of goodness.

Okay weekend's started. Gig...then karaoke.

Weekends should never end. XD

Monday, March 22, 2010


Currently listening to:
Amy Macdonald, This Is My Life

I'm easily annoyed but a certain things.
And these things annoy me at a different phase of my life.
Or rather...a different time.

And they differ as I grow.
Like how I used to be annoyed when someone blasted songs at work.
Now I cannot survive without some cacophony of...deafening rock that probably annoys the fuck outta the other workmates.


My level of tolerance peaked a whole new height today.

You know how draggy and boring meetings can go.
Especially when one of the peeps sitting in is a blaring, boastful and occasionally sarcastic meany.
No wait, not talking about that fart. Talking about this auntie seated beside me, that has this habit of reaching out her moist hands/palms to touch a part of me that she can randomly reach...because she thinks by that, I'd understand the situation better.

*colleagues in conversation*
Auntie: Jaymee, *head facing other colleagues while listening to them and at the same time talking to me, moist palms patting onto my arms and shoulders or rather anywhere she can reach* lei ming mou (you understand)? Can ar?
Peanut: *stone face, looking at her hands, nodding* Ming.

And that went on for about 1/2 an hour until I could see stains on my skin.
No just kidding.
But yeah, annoying.

And in the same meeting, as I was about to mentally wander off and party with my Mad Hatter, the following statement threw me right back to earth.

*Peanut multitasking, listening, writing and wandering*
Fart: Oh! I'm not very accurate with my shooting.
Peanut: O.o...*tries hard to stifle a laugh*...

I then realized it was a personal conversation with the sweaty-palm that I accidentally over-heard. Sorry I eavesdropped. I was sitting too near. XD

Fart's a male by the way.
Hero asked: How did you interpret it?!


How could I have interpreted it, I ask you hah?!
Knowing me!


Thistle, Port Dickson

I'm gonna be responsible for once.

Part of the bed, the balcony and an extra couch at the corner where we lazed the afternoon off watching Storm Riders II, eating rubbish. Love No.1

I'd pay just for the LCD screen. It's so huge I can lie at the far edge of the bed and still not put my glasses on. Love No.2

Love No.3.
Although, Nat and I did think that it looked a tad too much like the Gurney Hotel that was drowned by Tsunami *gulps*

Swam in the evening.
Swimsuit still fits, I can still float. Peanut's epic win!
And I found breadcrumb-like dirt in the pool.
Or could it be puke.
Oh it's the baby's pool it could b poo. XD

I said: Che, stupid pose please.

Then I said again: Che Che, another one. But saw her in the mirror and beh tahan sial d.
I have...a lot of teeth.

Went to a Chinese restaurant, ate shitloads and bill was a bomb. LOL
But it was yummy. And it was raining so the claypot stuff helped. Warms the insides you know.
And then we did pool and foos.

My dad is hot I know. Stop oogling.

Oh I got a cramp on my foot cos I posed too long. :D

Headed back to the room for Oscars.
A few hours down, got a text from Anne saying that they're on the way.
For real.

Came with Rota and Spritzer.
Went to the pool and yakked a couple hours off.
Brazilian wax, poo, thai akuas rule.

Damn layan ok.
Had to forgo Robert Downey Jr. for them.
Such is love.

Crashed too late.
Woke up even later the next day.
And missed a whole lot.

She knew we were leaving and she was probably saying her nainais, baibais and seeyous to a cruise because...

We saw a cruise the night before faraway. And I told her it's called Titanic.

We'll be back.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunshine, Beaches...And A Bathtub Topped With Foam

Is the reason why we allllll loved Thistle.

You practically sprawl on the bed with arms and legs opened wide and still not touch anyone that's sleeping next to you.

And there's LCD.

For the blind like me.

And because we're all so effin busy at work we deserve a good holiday.

Next stop, Hong Kong. I know. Again. Let's just pray it all goes well.
Speaking of which...
I need to renew my passport.

This week I promise.

Weekend's been pretty productive.
But hungry can cry.

Friday, March 12, 2010

I Are Peanut

I was a bimbo.
I probably still am but at least it's a crossover with a rocker bimbo.
I hope.
Because 5 years back on 5 April 2005, I started my blog.
And although I did not keep a copy of how it looked, it was pink, and I secretly hoped it either had a pony OR Barbie in the background.
And I named it...Dancing Bananas.

*clicks through archives*
I have no idea when I decided to change the skin of my blog.
It was a much better skin that I loved. Very music-y.
Until a couple months back I guess where the link died and the blog turned limp.

MIRACULOUSLY, it works for Google Chrome.

Cantik kan.
But nola not going back there.

Even Munkie complained.

And the name...was given by her too.
See how much love I have for you?

Funky names, for funky organisms.

Finally said my goodbyes and see-you-arounds for a couple nights and imported all my old posts over here.

So long Dancing Bananas.
You served me well.


Accidentally entered I Am Peanut instead of my own link.



And because you won't ever, EVER be caught with such a look again, I have to post this.

I'll miss this face. XD

I do look like like a lesbo.
Le sigh.

Time to show more boobies.


Now where's my bathrobe? There're fats to hide.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

To The Love Of My Life

you know i love u:

- not just because we were molded from the same deformed genes

- not just because you're better than any doctor in the universe

- not just because you'd bag on the streets just so i can own a pair of nice shoes or bimbo bag

- not just because you'll buy me pei pa gou when i tell you i'm about to cough (prolly cos you know coughing makes me look like tortoy)

- not just because you laugh at almost all my jokes despite the fact that almost all are rotten and you're just plain layaning

- not just because you never fail to surprise me on my special days and never disown me for failing everytime yours approach

- not just because you're the reason i'm single

but the main reasonS why...

we are the same...sumhow.

even trying to fix the teeth just so we match.

urs is much brighter neways cis.



oh sorry this is not u.

this is u.


Monday, March 8, 2010

what's the topic?

before i forget...
have u ever squeezed a tube of toothpaste so dry, u'd prolly have to step, compress and slide in order to push the last blop outta the friggin small hole?

and when you finally, FINALLY get the whole brush topped with the frosty white minty paste, u hold it up, bring it near ur mouth and...*splat* fucking falls off the toothbrush.

cibai. damn sien. have to squeeze all over again. tiring wan ok.

i was so close to scraping it off the ground. but the brutal annihilation of a cockroach happened just the day before on the same spot, i shall wait until the soul of the creature rests in peace.

ok damn this is random. i'm waiting for my hair to dry and a conversation with the nat triggered this post.

and just in case u were wondering, NO i dun msn in the office. i mail when i'm free. i have the freedom to i just dun have the time. plus, my attention span is shorter den a . therefore anything more interesting den the pile of junk before me on my working table will drift me right off to heaven.

plus plus, it's not fun anymore working late in the office. ok i'm saying anymore cos, i at least had fun ppl back in proxi. a few months back i had an interesting figure to talk to in the cubicle*silence*...*gulps*

ANYHOOOS, nat and i were toking about how time just flew by us. like...*snap*.

we were just randomly talking about how the parents are growing older daily. and it scares us that things are just pretty unpredictable at times. i shudder at the thought of it.

hence being the one that's full of utter crap, i started telling nat how i'm currently having insomnia, losing sleep over the weekend, flashes of rubbish zap paste my mind when my eyes are closed and miraculously forgetting everything when they're opened.

but i know...everytime i start imagining awful things happening to my family, i know. it's the time.

it's the PMS time.

now now dun u gimme that nod like i'm agreeing that pms just dampens the life of a woman. girl. shikes i can't bring to call myself a woman so fuck it i'm a girl hmph.

or at least i like having pms-es.

i can cry for no apparent reason. marley and me was on tv just last nite. i nvr cried. prolly cos i already knew that all dogs go to heaven. i switched the channel, saw a random video clip of Mr. and bawled buckets. i call it pms. (prolly cos they were rocking at the concert and i'm only rocking in my dreams...le sigh...deprived sial next concert bag for money oso must go)

i toss and turn in bed. stare at the dangling christmas bells hung on the nettings for 2...3...4...hours until the alarm rings. i call it pms. it usually takes me...5 mins before i doze off.

i swear about a random bitch and that makes me happy. i call it pms.

i blast muse, within temptations, evanescance, avenged sevenfold, the wildthings, coldplay, lily allen after office hours cos it's too quiet and it makes me smile despite the fact that i'd have to stay in that little room until god knows when. i call it pms.

i think helena bonham carter is hot and tim burton rox. i call it pms.

if i were a musician, my songs wud all be inspired by my pms.

there see...anything weird...just call it pms.
how convenient.
don't you love it.

fuck tomorrow gotta leave darn early before i get mocked again.
hair dry - tick
evening primrose - tick
heavy eyelids - tick

i hope i can sleep tonite.
or shud i turn to my cough syrup?

just another pms-y thought.

i call that pms too.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Coca-Cola Zero Mr. Everyone Concert


So agitated can cry.

Blasting their songs repeatedly does not help.

Alice in Wonderland 3D will feature their songs cause when I'm watching the movie tonight I'd be imagining how the concert is going.


*smashes guitar*