Friday, March 12, 2010

I Are Peanut

I was a bimbo.
I probably still am but at least it's a crossover with a rocker bimbo.
I hope.
Because 5 years back on 5 April 2005, I started my blog.
And although I did not keep a copy of how it looked, it was pink, and I secretly hoped it either had a pony OR Barbie in the background.
And I named it...Dancing Bananas.

*clicks through archives*
I have no idea when I decided to change the skin of my blog.
It was a much better skin that I loved. Very music-y.
Until a couple months back I guess where the link died and the blog turned limp.

MIRACULOUSLY, it works for Google Chrome.

Cantik kan.
But nola not going back there.

Even Munkie complained.

And the name...was given by her too.
See how much love I have for you?

Funky names, for funky organisms.

Finally said my goodbyes and see-you-arounds for a couple nights and imported all my old posts over here.

So long Dancing Bananas.
You served me well.


Accidentally entered I Am Peanut instead of my own link.



And because you won't ever, EVER be caught with such a look again, I have to post this.

I'll miss this face. XD

I do look like like a lesbo.
Le sigh.

Time to show more boobies.


Now where's my bathrobe? There're fats to hide.


  1. hear hear to showing more boobies!! hahahahaha

  2. My complain pun wanna show the whole world ka? LMAO

  3. op kos! mesti beritau apasal tibe tibe i insist on changing my skin kan...

    munkie inspired. XD